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  • Hi Mark

    hope you dont mind me messaging you on here, but have noticed your posts and wondered if i could pick your brains, im thinking about a new to me lathe for my workshop and was looking at masiff and Mascot colchesters, i prob fall into that group of think they are good because ive used them through the years, apart from them ive only rely had experience on a couple of other makes like Harrisons and Chinese copys that seem to be the norm on the Oil rigs ive worked on the last few years. i have a old triumph 2000 that does me ok but needing something bigger and wondered what your view was on used lathes around the of a mastiff. ive been looking on line a used Tos sn50 but it doesnt have the hollow spindl size of the mastiff but is a fraction of the price for a machine of same condition.

    Best Regards
    Hi I’m not sure if you’ll even receive this but I’ve been searching for programming manauals for a Cincom CItizen f25 and I saw an old post saying you had some. If by some chance you see this and still happen to have those manual could you please get in touch? Thank you.
    Hi Mark, I've not heard from you for a while. You OK ? I'll keep this short because I'm not sure you'll recieve it. Regards Tyrone.
    hello mark.:)
    i am going up to oatridge collage tomorrow for some training , could drop in for a chat and a look at your parkson mill if i am finished on time if that would be ok ??
    got the old wilson slant bed lathe finished of now.
    send me an email with your postcode etc and phone number if thats ok for tomorrow !!
    best regards
    Tom Dickie :cheers:
    [email protected]

    I have searching for some information about ge2000 controls and I have seen that you replied to a lot of threads about these controls.

    My boss just bought a leblond makino baron 60 lathe but we didn't get any manuals with it. We got it to start up and the axis and spindle will jog but we really don't know what we are doing as far as homing the axis and programming it. Do you know where we could get any information about this? Would you have anything that you could possibly scan and email me?


    Jim Pollock

    [email protected]

    I have an Ikegai FX20N lathe with a partial list of parameters. I have read that you have one yourself. Could you send me the list of paramaters? I would really apprecciated.


    My email is [email protected].
    im looking for a set of collets for a pratt and burnerd closer . mine is the kc 15 and im not sure which collets it takes. but if you can find them cheaper in the uk that would help alot. thanks alot Brett Berry
    Hey mark casey pearson,
    you were helping me with the warner swasey universal 315 2056 sda code.
    Good news i figured it out i thought you might like to know what it was i am not sure what you call it but under the arm that holds the control panel is a small 2 way valve with 2 proxmitity switches that slide on 2 of the 4 bolts that hold the valve together on my machine there is a small opening 9x9 approx. With a rubber flap across it that is where the valve is located behind that rubber from inside the machine.

    Also if you need a ladder chart there is a place called wd machinery in oklahoma usa that can burn a ladder chart .

    Thanks again for all of your help and efforts
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