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  • Hello Martin. I am looking for a dividing head for my FP1 and was wondering if you were able to help me out?
    Martin P
    Martin P
    Yes but I am in Europe and these things are heavy.
    Good evening
    I am just going through some old posts and saw yours about a Myford grinder from 2010. If you still have this machine, I have an information brochure and price lists for the machine. Yours for the cost of postage.
    email me on
    [email protected]

    Hello sir I have deckel fp4at with hedenhain tnc 355 control but unfotunatly lost its parameter please help and send me parameter I will pay you for this contact on my email unitedtec@yahoo
    Hi Martin,
    the Heidenreich 540 lathe was produced in Hamburg till 1987. Then they closed lathe production and only built Makino machines. In Moelln is the H&H foundry till now.
    The film you mentioned is really interesting. There is also a film from 2002, who shows the devolopment of H&H and tells the story of 3 former employees, who worked there at different times. This film was produced by Jürgen Kinter und Geschichtswerkstatt Hamburg Barmbek. If you only speak english or french it is also hard to understand.

    Best regards
    Harald ( who lives close to Hamburg)

    Would it be possible for you to send me your contact information? We are looking for the "Orange Book" that seems to be the holy grail for servicing the Dialog 11 control. We have another issue but we have a good person working on the machine. We need to find a source of information.

    Glenn mcMullin

    Do you still have that information on the FP33 - even if it is in german ?
    I would appreciate if you email it to me to [email protected]
    (Else, could you send a photocopy to Geneva, Switzerland ?).
    Altough swiss, I live in Perú and it's quite difficult to obtain techhnical info.

    Best regards, and thanks in advance,
    Martin Bachmann

    Martin Bachmann Keller EIRL
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