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  • all drills are mfg undersize and have a minus tolerance except micro drills which have a + and - tolerance range. all drills will drill oversize, (except maybe solid carb)see a probable hole size chart). The shanks will be smaller than the drill dia because of back taper .
    I saw a post from 2010 where you were working on a Tos lathe and trying to clean the carriage and were having trouble getting the lead screw holding bracket off. I recently bought a Tos lathe and the gears in the carriage are rusty to the point that the carriage will not move. How did you get the lead screw, drive shaft, and starting lever shaft off.
    I'm going to have to remove these shafts to get the carriage off so I can remove the gears and replace the bearings. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
    Maxim -- I am intrigued, or whatever one step below interested is, :-) I'm looking for a lathe like this (need 4 jaw chuck) and trying to trade my Schaublin... but, purchase is also possible... does it take collets? I'm not that lathe savvy. What is the spindle bore? Thanks... if on E-bay, let me know and I'll think more seriously sooner...
    Long story short had trouble logging into PM web site to get your info,then had trouble with paypal login, sent the funds today. Pay pal says it will take 5-7 days for payment to processs (never heard this before) any way the funds on their way to you 50 for the bars and 7 to cover shipping.

    Take care, Doug ([email protected])
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