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    What is a good brand for a come-along?

    +1 for Wyeth-Scott
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    Farnborough - 1944 - identification of lathes

    What's going on with the floor? The black substance that seems to be under every machine.
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    black oxide troubleshooting

    I have very good results cleaning with denatured alcohol and paper towels.
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    Preferred lever chain fall?

    I have a A.B. Chance that works well and seems well made.
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    Pratt & Whitney 12C Restoration Pictures

    Thanks for posting such detailed pictures. I got my 12C a while back. It's in really nice mechanical condition but terrible cosmetic shape having spent a few years outside under a tarp. (not me) Your pics and descriptions should be of great help when I start the clean up.
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    Barber Colman Lathe Information

    Thanks for that info hendeyman.
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    Seneca Falls Star Lathe 11”

    That steady rest looks like it’s for a Monarch 10EE.
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    Old porcelain plant sign

    This popped up on CL. I guess in 1920 Human Resources didn't cover it in the employee handbook in orientation on the first day.
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    Canedy-Otto screw press

    That sure looks like a Manley press. Do you know if they had an arrangement?
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    Looking to ID an old metal lathe

    Sorry Cranium, I thought you meant a W.F. & J. Barnes.
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    Looking to ID an old metal lathe

    I don't think Barnes have Vee ways.
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    South Bend Shaper 7"

    Yours is a later model with automatic oiling. That's a plus.
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    Relining a Stevens 25RF to a 22LR

    I've heard of people using Hilti .25 nail gun blanks and altering to fire a bullet. Never done it, be careful.
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    Relining a Stevens 25RF to a 22LR

    What model Stevens? There were a lot.
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    Does anyone on this Forum do bluing?

    I went to gunsmithing school in the early 90's and this was our formula for hot caustic bluing. It is 3 chemicals and we mixed our own by weight. Caustic soda flakes 65%, (sodium hydroxide, also known as lye) Sodium nitrate 25% Sodium nitrite 10% You mix the solution so it boils at around 295...