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    Serial Numbers Wanted

    Thanks! I sent him my S/N.
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    Serial Numbers Wanted

    Huh - the link I used to calculate the 1922-3 (below)? Is this a valid method? How Old is my South Bend Thanks
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    Belsaw planer, Craftsman RAS, Cent Mach 6" jointer

    I'm near Atlanta, and am converting my home shop from wood to metal working. This week I finally got a complete 1967 Bridgeport Series 1, and a South Bend 9x lathe that APPEARS via the s/n to be 1922-23 - also complete and working. I have the three woodworking tools in the title available now...
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    Serial Numbers Wanted

    Newbie here; just acquired SB lathe 22394NCR9. Complete and in good working order. calculating from the serial, seems manufacture date was 1922-1923? Is that right? Thanks - lots to learn. Also just got a Series ! Bridgeport from 1967.