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  • Hello. I'm from the GTA and stumbled upon an old forum post of yours regarding a 10EE. I was wanting to connect with someone in the GTA that has one of these machines in order to see one 'in the flesh'. Any chance we can chat about it?
    Hi Mcgyver, I like Canadians a lot and have my cousins children living in Toronto. I lost contact unfortunately after my cousin passed away around 2004. He loved Canada and w,e are originally from Florida born and raised. I met a Texas gal in high school and f.ell in love and married. During a recession I moved our family to Waco where her family was and Texas had plenty of jobs. I appreciate your helpful input into the issue of intelligence and similarities we find in life which are quite obvious. Sometimes here in the US we were drafted into service in wars and we are required to go even if we disagree with that war. Many older friends fought in Vietnam my cousin in Canada had already volunteeed for the Navy and completed his service before Vietnam. War is a part of living history. I feel Europeans more than I would think forget our sacrifice for them too often. Not all of them but a good portion of them. Thanks for the comments friend. Spinit
    Hello Mcgyver,
    I am a hobby welder fabricator (mostly aluminium) in Quebec City and found some of your stuff on Pinterest.
    I was very impressed, so I joined homemadetools.net to see your finger brake build, circa 2005?
    I saw your post saying that the plans were on photobucket, but keep getting a "third party hosting is now disabled" message.
    I would love to build your finger brake if I could get the plans.
    I am not an expert on the internet and would appreciate any instructions you had on how to do this.
    I registered at practical machinist, but it just seems to be lots of talk about a wide variety of topics, many not relating to fabrication.
    Thanks in advance for your help on this.

    Dave in Quebec City
    It only took me a few years to suss out that you, McGuyver, are the infamous Michael Ward, author of the "Scraping in the Home Shop" series in HSM magazine. That's a hell of a resource.

    Are you going to archive your excellent tutorial on-line so lazy butts like me can steer noobs to it? If you already have, got a link?

    Don't hide your light under a bushel. If you have something to say others might need to know you almost have to do a little self promotion if only to spread your words.

    I suggest you submit full text and images to Circuitous Root (they already reference your HSM articles) for inclusion in their compendium AND archive it on PM in their "Articles" forum.

    Keep up the good work.

    Forrest Addy
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