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    Machine shop opening in my town with similar name

    Maybe I am the only one but if I've pieced together the names right it seems like you might be having an identity crisis because of the similarity. The 2 words in your name are probably in hundreds, if not thousands, of other machine shop names and even if a guy moves in just down the block does...
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    Do 'counterbores' allways have flat sholders at bottom?

    Who cares, just make it like the drawing regardless of what it's called.
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    Boring C'Bores on a Manual Lathe--Best Way??

    Hopefully the one with interchangeable pilots
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    OT: Grandsons communication problems

    See if you can get your hands on some mag shavings and have some fun. You will instantly become their favorite relative, they will tell all their friends about you & they will have a ton of questions to ask.
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    If You Could Only Have 40 Tools In Your Box, What Would They Be?

    I'm trying my hardest to find the connection between #15 & #22 from the list.
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    Young Machinist Lookin' for advice

    Absolutely agreed if we're talking about money. I played that game back in the day. Loved job "A" but pay sucked compared to what others were making. I was told the money would come in time. Finally left and went to job "B" for more money,,hated it there and quit after a week but quickly found...
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    Where or what is the best place to find new work in a job shop?

    Cold calling sucks but it does work. One of our best customers was from a cold call that we made 3 years ago. 1st year we did about 25K for them,, 2nd year we did about 65K and so far this year we are at about 140K with another 30K in house right now. If it wasn't for that call there is 0%...
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    Need a .5 dia. 2 fl. 4" LOC 6.25 long endmill

    No help here but that's pretty cool what you're doing there. Best of luck.
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    Tried out another guy today.

    Maybe it would have helped to check in every once in a while to see how things were going.
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    I hired a guy for the day to try him out

    Sometimes it works out I hired a guy towards the end of last year. He came strolling into the shop looking for work, resume said he had 18+ yrs of experience so seeing there was only 2 of us I figured we could use the help. I talked with him for about 20 minutes and he wasn't able to answer a...
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    Craigslist dummy....new low

    Seems honest enough. The person obviously didn't know the difference and was at least anxious enough to ask if what they had would work for you. The title of your post may very well be the "new low" as I'm sure we've all done something similar.
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    5S, is anyone doing it and does it actually help?

    We bought a VTL from a local shop that must practice this. Having toured the placed I noticed everything on the floor had either a painted square or rectangle with writing that said what it was. I thought it was the silliest thing in the world to see their shop vac sitting in it's place with...
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    OT- Recycling home waste.... the bins you put it in and the waste itself

    Kind of but not really. A relative from Ohio visits here yearly & always gets pissed when he sees us getting $2.00 for a lb of aluminum cans while they get a mediocre $.55 I don't know how many times I have to keep explaining that we are only getting back the .05 per can that we pay at the check...
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    McMaster as a source for materials ?

    Maybe in the past but I have been buying some of my 6061 and most all of my 2024 flat bar from these guys & material certs show from Korea. I tend to quote jobs from the MMC book & when I figure in a $130 price for a 6 footer then go to Fry & get a 12 footer for $56 it makes me walk a little...
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    or take a 75 dollar bill down to a centerless grinder & work on something else.