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  • I acquired a vise from lenco transmissions down in sd , and I heard from a buddy of mine that Danny Fisher had known of the person that created this vises. Was that you?
    He did a very good job. I truly like the work he did. I thought that would have been you. I think I left a comment about what I saw in the video. Maybe if you could just give me the link to your PM reply containing the video? I can't even remember what is was about. You are a pretty good size man. I was impressed how you swung that vise handle around. :) It's a good movie. It should have a prominent place in your family history.


    Hi The video was made by my nephew he works as a camera man for the history channel and discovery channel the Video is called The Last Stake Maker it is on vimeo and youtube. I am glad you like it. That is me in the video, I used to have all the machines in my garage but I moved into a building that my family owns. Having lots of electric power has been heaven.
    Stradbash.. Thank you for your kind words.

    The Vise is my baby. :)
    I'm too old to do any more with it, and I don't have the finances to bring it to proper production. I'm in the mood to sell it and try and help a good company to propagate it. I'd like it to be one of my contributions to this trade that I love so much.

    Best regards,

    Stanley Dornfeld
    I've never owned a Toyota but had a Honda product several years ago that presented that problem. Even the specialty shop I took it to that turned the rotor in place could not get it right so I tolerated it until the car was sold...
    By the way, I LOVE the appearance of your vices! I don't do cnc (I'm not even really a machinist) and when I first saw that you were making vices I thought why the hell is someone doing that when there are so many options available. Then I read why and understood right away. Apart from the practical advantages, I really enjoy the fact that you are taking the time and going to the trouble to make them look nice AND diminish their knuckle damaging potential. They remind me of a vice my uncle made and that I missed buying when his tools were auctioned off because I was chatting with my father....

    All the best,


    P.S. You're quite welcome!
    You're welcome!

    Even if I bought an VMC, the Hurco will always stay around and do some work.

    I can program it quicker than cutting a keyway manually .
    Hi Stan,

    It was easy to "like" your post about drills, you wrote nearly exactly what I would have recommended. It's amazing to hear someone else speak on a keyboard the same good advice we learned as pups in the shop long before this 'net thing.


    No problem Stan. If I agree with something I always put a "like " on it.

    I always tip well at restaurants for good service, too.

    Happy New Year,

    I think I did, but I can't remember what the conversation was about. :)

    I probably got side tracked.

    More than happy to address the chat again.


    Hello Stan,

    I replied a couple of weeks ago discussing the Hurco I have.

    Did you get the "Private Message"?

    Talk to you later,

    Hi Stan

    You said it how I feel it. Saddens me to know that it's happening over with you same as it is here.

    Take care

    Hey, my pleasure! You were saying what I feel too. I always saw my machining life as making a living doing something I'd love to do as a hobby.

    Unfortunately, I've been out of the shop for a couple of years now (looong story) and don't think I'll ever be back. Sometimes I really miss it, which is why I love this site so much.

    BTW, sorry if I sent you a blank message a couple of minutes ago. Still getting used to how things work.
    It annoys me to no end when people whinge about Chinese crap... yet they still buy it.

    Supply and demand...
    I have a sherline mill with step motors. The step motors are set up for flashcut can i use a board from cncgeekers or must i only use flashcut products.The price to buy from flashcut would be $2,200. A board from cncgeekers is about $50-100 Dollars.
    Any and all help will really be appreciated
    Thanks Happy 4th
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