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    Pay Rates for employees. New to Expert.

    I work for family owned shop, for the past 22 years. I make 20 an hour now. I rent from the owner, for around half the areas going rent. I live 300ft from my work. So ya 20 is low but I figure, reduced rent + no gas or commute to work = roughly 5-6 $ an hour. However I do not get paid...
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    Is it just me or do drill bits suck now?

    I have gotten drills that were not properly factory ground. I just threw it in my drill pointer, a big time saver, vs hand pointing. I have noticed tin coated = better for aluminum , especially if young castings. Allot of drills now are split point and tend to grab and tear more. Maybe due to...
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    Looking for some direction/ advice...

    After manual machining for 19 years learning how to use hori/vert mills, lathes, vertical lathes, od and surface grinders, the small company I work for bought a cnc mill. We had a student machinist, from the community collage, working for us at the time. They helped me get the basics of...
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    Excello boring spindles

    I did fix the D-B 1212A, It was a valve that had been put in backwards, prior to us receiving it. I took every piece of that valve assembly apart twice. The first time I put it back exactly how I had found it,only cleaner. The second time I looked at the wear marks, now it has a very clean...
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    Excello boring spindles

    I am also setting up several of these used machines. I am having a problem with one that will not reverse. I tried to pm Brian, however his box was full. Brian, if you could please contact me regarding these machines your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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    Endmill RPM

    His question was not for micro work, or CNC, it was for manual milling. I can tell you that if you use the mfg recommended rpm/feed you will, chip/brake/burn your tooling. Yes that is not always the case. No one asked if he was flooding the tool with coolant, or using a mister. Hell he may be...
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    Need a little help with a Monarch

    The shop i work in has one of these lathes, converted to a modern control box. However the variable speed is constant(no rpm increase as diam. decreases ), This has lead/feed screws and hydro tail stock. If anyone needs pictures of this lathe feel free to ask, also I have a copy of the parts...