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  • I liked this video a lot. Actually besides safety ignorance this would be a good factory today. National
    Oilwell Varco is the biggest shop I have been in they wanted their employees though to do any amount of overtime asked as a baseline was 60 hours I did that in my thirties and early 40’s and can not hold up to that anymore. Their shop was very nice a good outfit though and I suspect they do have some guys that may have been there a while accommodated.
    I have always enjoyed very much your posts. I have high regard and respect for you. I always think on this site Especially as I really get something from your posts. I also believe your calm and patient replies to rotten viewpoints enlighten them a bit. I consider such people as ignorant.

    Best regards,
    Cool, right now I'm getting the tail stock sorted...Next is the gear head and the feed drive system, you can expect some questions when I get to that. I don't even know what a lot of this stuff is supposed to do.
    I have a machinist background (20 years) and did rebuild a Lodge & Shipley lathe with broken teeth on several gears. If you have broken teeth on gears - I can step you through on how to fix that.
    There is a good thread on the Lehman in that sub forum referenced as Lehman Scans. The head is supposed to weigh 3400 pounds, it better be stout. I'm not a machinist, but am enjoying getting it running in preparation for learning to use a manual lathe. The VFD is inbound so I can spin it up...probably this weekend. It's a mess, there are broken and missing bits I'm going to have to figure out...there are things I don't even know what are that are broken. Good Times.
    Just admiring your Lehmann lathe. Pretty stout looking. Any background on that company? I've a 1943 Monarch CK-12 (14.5" x 30"). By the way, like your posts on economics.

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