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  • Don, that query is not meaningless. I need the answer in order to source these things. Just because you have no idea what they are does not mean others do not as well.
    Whatever you did to PM, undo it.
    Richard King
    Richard King
    How do we access our old photo's we had stored under manage ? I hit attach now and it goes to my photo gallery in my laptop. I had a hundred plus photos from years past I used in threads I wrote. If they are lost on the new format, can I save them? Can you make them sharable again? Thanks. Rich
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    Don, would it be possible for you to make the photo in my thread bigger?
    " New product advice needed."


    I saw your post about replacing old Dialog 11 display with an ordinary LCD screen:


    We have an old Deckel FP5CC CNC machine, I few days ago original display died, everything else works just fine. Now I'm thinking to replace this old display with a PC LCD screen, but I don't how to connect machines 25 pin connector to the standard VGA connector on lcd display, so I'm wondering if you can send me the schematic/pinout?

    Thankyou for your help :)

    Martin Porenta
    Just curious, what do the descriptions under the log-in name mean? Such as titanium, plastic, stainless, diamond, etc.
    Neva' mind....:D

    I'm pretty sure you are known as ProCyon-Machine on Ebay and you have the Deckel FP2 with the rotary table? I'm Henn111 and put in an offer a while back for 25,000 through fleabay.

    Perhaps are you willing to reconsider, especially if a direct check without E-bay tax?

    Thank you,
    Charles in Tucson AZ
    Hi Milacron,
    We are looking for a Hi-Cell 23BII like the one we have in the UK. We are trying to move production to US to meet orders. I know you are close to my West Columbia office. I have spoken to dealers done searches but no one seems to have one with sub-spindle with M code 5 degree incremental C axis control. Seico 18T controller, fanuc. Do you know where one maybe? or do you know a better CNC that will allow us to use same files? I have a great machinist here but MD in UK prefers if he can send files and we go to work. Thanks Floyd 803.553.9469
    I have a general question
    I use a First milling machine and it has a very noisy feed gearbox how do i quieten this thing it is not too bad in turtle (slow) mode but in rabbit (fast) mode it is very noisy the box has plenty of oil but when we first got the machine the plug was wired the wrong way and forward was reverse so the gearbox didnt work at all after a while i noticed the machine was in reverse even though it was going forward then i changed the wires in the plug but guess it had damaged the feed gearbox (trying to engage while motor going in reverse)
    Any help would be appreciated.

    I inherited Rockwell 17-600 drill press from my Dad. He got it new in 69. I have surely enjoyed using it for an assortment of projects. Recently the motor threw a spindle and the gearing inside the motor was wiped out.
    I took it to a machine shop in Seattle whereby the guys located a new Dayton 1 hp single phase motor and installed a a new spindle assembly. Since the original motor was a 3/4 horse and this is a 1 HP all seems to work compatibly. My problem is the Reeves drive is not engaging the cam at all. When I switch the motor on it takes off at super high speed, when I rotate variable speed arm, it starts to slow as I turn it down and then it slips and speeds up again as it’s just not syncing in. Am wondering what adjustment am I needing to do to regain smooth control of its original condition. many thanks for answers...R
    Good morning , I am new to this site and do not know how to post a question for a particular forum. I own a Rockwell drill press and having issues with reeves drive.
    I'm trying to send a PM to you, but it says "Milacron has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space."
    Nothing urgent, just a help request in moving my posts from one thread into another.

    You want to tell me why my post was closed?????
    Someone can just decide that my question isn’t worthy to be asked ..???
    I have a Sacia 1100 Milling Machine and I am looking for a Manual. Not sure where to post this question?
    Re: closed thread about the dial calipers...Help me out with the 'meaningless topic title' so I can avoid that error in the future?
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