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    Pratt & Whitney Bench Milling machine collet wanted

    Your diagram looks like it is for a 4PN collet. They have a max capacity of .750 inch. So that may help you with your search.
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    WTB: Hardinge Sjogren 5C Collet Chuck - 2-1/4 - 8 threaded Back Plate

    I have a Sjogren 2J closer for my 10L lathe that is 2-1/4 x 8tpi spindle. It's an unfinished project bought on ebay. It's in the "To Do" pile to finish. I wanted to make an "adjustru-tru" type backplate for it. The closer was originally a D1-3 mounted, small diam handwheel unit intended for...
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    Van Norman History (currently owned by?)

    I want to say he was a member of this forum back in the early days.
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    OT: Floor mats for my truck

    I have a 2011 Ford Ranger that came with aftermarket mats that fit poorly. I bought the OE front mats and they fit like it was designed for the truck :-) The price was a bit more than Auto-zone "generic mats". But I was willing to pay for that. My Ranger has "tabs" molded into the carpet...
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    O/T Change of format for this 'Board

    I spend a lot of time at another forum, advrider.com which also runs the same Xenforo as the forum software and you can still customize the "style" for your liking. I'm no software guy, but if they can do it, why can't PM forum do it? Advrider.com runs plenty of ads, I see other advrider.com...
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    O/T Change of format for this 'Board

    Bring back the option to change the style & look of the forum. Not fond at all of the "standard" look of this new forum. Would be nice to be able to customize the "look & style" by the end user.
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    NOTICE - Practical Machinist down Mon. May 16 for 24 hours for forum software upgrade

    JFC... what happened? This new layout is horrible. It's too spread out, too much white space.
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    Greenerd Arbor Press Coaster Brake

    Nice! I've always been queer for Greenerds too. :D
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    Best Material for a Thread Gage

    I did the same thing for my South bend 10L w/ a 2-1/4 x 8 thread. I used 12L14 for the gage. Only because it was on hand and close to final size. I used thread wires to measure the spindle thread and made the gauge to exact size using same thread wires. Chuck backplate (cast iron blank...
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    Help Verifying 10L 5C Collet Adapter Dimensions! Possible Lucky Auction Find?

    I'd just about guarantee that is a 10L 5C sleeve. I don't have mine nearby, but the unique shape is spot on from the pictures.
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    What is the oddest thing someone has said during an interview or prior to the intervi

    Washington was born in VA. From the link below...."George Washington was born on February 22, 1732, at Popes Creek in Westmoreland County, Virginia". George Washington - Wikipedia
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    16c Collet Block

    You should make a 2J collet block set. There would be more demand there than 16c I would bet.
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    Technique For Drilling Small .043 Inch Holes in Invar

    Yes I did. I was advised by everyone to peck drill it. But I peck drilled by hand, hadn't read your note about using the stop. By that time I had given up. Called machinist on phone asking for advise, he said lots of lube, but I was running way too fast at 2800 rpm. Said I needed to be down...
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    Technique For Drilling Small .043 Inch Holes in Invar

    Well I threw in the towel on this. Nothing but broken drills. Meanwhile, machinist covid test is negative. So he'll be in Monday to clean this up. Better him than me. :D
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    Technique For Drilling Small .043 Inch Holes in Invar

    I am partially retired. I only work Mon, Tue, & Wed. I get a desperate call this aft from the engineering mgr (my boss) that the assy of one portion of a laser module has stopped. And can I come in and drill these holes into these optical mounts. Machinist will be out for a period. So I'm...