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    this is Jackson, a senior mechanical manufacturing engineer ,we are located in

    the world manufacture center Dongguan/Shenzhen,China,
    we offer Lathe and Milling grinding/sheet metal fab/parts stamping service,good

    price quality assurance and short lead time, any new works,
    Just pls send info to my email:[email protected],thanks
    Bill was there for 2 days I think...may have been 3. Boot up issues are not resolved. We have the machine on and I have not turned it off. I'm trying to do some test burns but not able to. I get some funky error messages and can't figure out why. I'm frustrated with the whole deal. I feel like I got the short stick on the training. Not because of you, more of ATL's fault. And the maintenance we had to do while you were there to train. UGH!! No fault of yours. Your training was top-notch and hope I can learn from you again. Just seemed like time was taken away.

    Hi Steve, I ended up staying the full 5 days 6:30-4 so i didn't have a chance to stop in. I know bill was there. How did he make out? Are boot up issues resolved?
    sorry for the delay. I have Peps v5.2 for edm cutting on an older agie. I'd be interested if you want to send more details. I was able to find a manual at the shop but it appears to be a little different.
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