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    Used Air Dryer - What to look for?

    Look up the Mfgr specs and see if it will handle the [email protected] output of your compressor at it's maximum. Otherwise, plug it in and see if it runs like a room AC, check for air leaks.
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    Antique machine tools on Hbg PA CL

    These have been listed for close to a month, looks like an entire old shop being disposed of. https://harrisburg.craigslist.org/atq/d/harrisburg-antique-machine-tools/7512441069.html https://harrisburg.craigslist.org/atq/d/harrisburg-antique-machine-tools/7508023500.html...
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    9" rear end model/drawings

    It's offset in the center opening, that drawing is correct. It's hard to say where the 'center' of the opening is because nothing is symmetrical but that's another issue,. The pinion is usually offset in the vehicle as well, (and the axle housing in total) but by a different amount. And the axle...
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    9" rear end model/drawings

    Do you mean the housing ends, the wheel bearing/backing plate flanges?
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    9" rear end model/drawings

    I have 1.700 from the bearing centerline to the gasket surface of the 3rd member. That measurement was made on a NOS N Case 3+ decades ago before I had significant metrology stuff, so just FWIW. Would you share those drawings with me? I dug for this years ago and couldn't find it. Don't really...
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    Wanted to buy - Dazor arms

    Interesting Bill, but not for this. Thanks.
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    Wanted to buy - Dazor arms

    I'm looking for Dazor arms again, lights not necessary, damaged or incomplete is OK, I want to build a birthday gift for a long time friend. What do you have around? My contact info is in the first post.
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    Should I get a forklift or a tractor with forks? Gravel driveway use.

    I want one of these. About 4 times a year.
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    Mounting larger diameter chucking reamers

    Suppose you use a floating holder to hold a 3/4" or larger reamer with a 1/2 or 5/8 shank, about 10" or more long, in a horizontal position. Would the weight of the reamer and the floating part of the holder tend to move the reamer out of position and keep it from centering on the bored hole it...
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    CAD/CAM choices Siemens NX or Fusion 360

    I'm curious why you are leaving Edgecam, it's touted to be good for mill-turn.
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    Retirement Tooling Sale

    You replied to my PM, how could you reply if you never received it?
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    Retirement Tooling Sale

    I would like: Telescoping Gauge Sets Mitutoyo 1/2"-6" $75 shipped Sending you a PM
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    Large Taper-Mike

    Thanks for the bump, this is showing 5 views now. I guess the view count issue is not fixed in this forum yet.
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    Large Taper-Mike

    This is from a PC. The photos were taken correctly, and show correctly on the PC. My previous post flipped both of 2 photos, this post only flipped one of 7. I know how to rotate photos on a PC, but this is unpredictable. Here 5 inserted into the post as intended, 2 more became attachments when...