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  • Yes it's especially irritating when one of the high volume know it all posters has to bully people around at the same time spreading false information. No skin off my back mostly I keep my mouth shut but sometimes I can't help it gotta call it as I see it! The gunsmith board on PM is dead because of crap like that as is most others the real god guys get tired of fighting false information.

    If the poor guy was in the states I'd fix his shotgun for free just to prove a point
    Hi there, saw your post on removing engraving on the 1100, i am also a smith who builds custom rifles and such, its amazing how much misinformation people give. You were the only correct answer, its a shame how much of this type of advise i see given by people who dont know what they speak of. Jim
    I saw an old very post say you had two camograph! Just wondering if you might still have one or know where I can find one
    Thanks jarod
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