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    Snow and Company (Sheffield UK) P Type Surface Grinder

    I rescued a Snow P25 surface Grinder this week. the table drive motor has a winding down to earth but that is easily solved by a rewind. I can find no information on these machines searching the web. Does anyone have a similar machine or any literature? The whole machine is built like a tank...
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    Deckel FP1 - Horizontal spindle draw bar

    Hello, I need to make a draw bar for my Horizontal spindle. Does anyone know what the angle of the cone on the rear locking ring need to be. the spindle has a countersink in the rear end which centres the drawbar. I cant easily measure it without removing the spindle Thank you, Neil
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    Fitting DRO Scales to a Deckel FP1

    Thank you to everyone. I now have it all drawn up and the materials to hand. Regards, Neil
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    Fitting DRO Scales to a Deckel FP1

    Thank you, That gives a good idea of how to do it Neil
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    Fitting DRO Scales to a Deckel FP1

    Hello, I did try searching to see if this had been covered before but came up blank. I need to fit scales onto my Deckel FP1. The Y axis seems straight forward and won't clash with any existing features. The X and Z less so. I am struggling to think how to do it without loosing the use of the...
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    FP 1 Dismantle

    The holes in the base for bolting it down are clearance for M16 (about 17.2 on mine). They were never threaded as it used to be the norm to bolt machines to the floor after leveling on shims. I just installed my FP1 and used leveling feet with hard rubber pads (don't use soft rubber feet). The...
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    Older Machine & Tools Cleanup and Recondition - Beginner

    If the packer was any good it should not be a problem. The silver foil bags are heat sealed and should contain dehydrator bags or cartridges. In my day job I work for a company rebuilding gas turbines and we ship these all over the world from Canada to the tropics. Generally the only time we get...
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    Kluber Super TEL discontinued?

    Thank you, I have sent an email to you. Neil
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    Kluber Super TEL discontinued?

    That would probably sound right but not what Andreas from Singer has quoted in his email. Does anyone know Franz well enough to ask him directly?
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    Kluber Super TEL discontinued?

    I contacted Franz Singer as I wanted some other parts as well. He has actually quoted Kluber LDS 18 on his quote. Looking at the spec it is also listed for machine tool spindles.
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    Kluber Super TEL discontinued?

    I have just had the following back from Kluber via the Agent Hello Neil, Please see below from Kluber engineer. Yes the product was cancelled some years ago, with no direct replacement It was an ester/mineral grease, li-k, NLGI 1 with a viscosity of 22 cSt at 40C; NDM value was 1300K, and...
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    Kluber Super TEL discontinued?

    I had placed an order for a 50g tube of Kluber Super TEL with one ogf the UK distributors but they came back with the following response after waiting 6 weeks. "We have just chased up on this order and been informed that Isoflex Super TEL has been discontinued. Please see below from Kluber...
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    Why Can't I see images anymore?

    Last week I stopped being able to see any images in posts. Initially thought it would be browser related but the same with both MS Edge and Google Chrome. Any thoughts. I know it is odd but a thread I was following and could see pictures, now I can't
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    Heidenhain tnc111

    With Heidenhain or for that matter any DRO of this age the first thing to check is the power supply to make sure all the rails have the correct voltage. A goodly percentage of the issues I saw in the past were power supply related. There should be indicator LED for each rail but double check...
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    Deckel FP1 feed gearbox

    Now resolved. I spent an interesting (frustrating?) couple of hours looking at it. I removed the cover plate with dial to have a good look. I guess the previous owner had done this to clean out the oil sump as everything was pristine with no sludge or sediment just the original factor white...