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  • Hello!

    Having done a search, and read your posts in PM regarding the Weiler LZ330 I wonder if you could offer assistance.

    I have a LZ330 also. A very early example. My machine needs the drive belts replaced, and I would benefit greatly from any procedure or instruction information you may offer. Have you the manual for these machines? Or can you offer any assistance?

    Best regards

    Cal Grandy in Sunny Southern Vermont!
    Robert, here's what I've found on SF. David

    Index: OWWM - Seneca Falls Manufacturing Co. - Publication Reprints
    Catalogs: 13, 15B, 19A, 21A, 24B, 26B, AND 27

    Catalog 13 - Prices 09-01-1891
    Catalog 15b - Prices 01-01-1893
    Catalog 27 2nd ed

    VintageMachinery.org | Welcome
    Patents assigned to SF
    OWWM - Seneca Falls Manufacturing Co. - Assigned Patents

    Welcome to www.treadleit.info | http://www.treadleit.info
    Seneca Falls manufacturing Co. | http://www.treadleit.info
    Mission: To build a large database of vintage treadle machine manufacturers, and the products they designed and built.

    SF Catalogs and Manuals for sale: lathes
    Free info & photos, too
    Good morning Northernsinger,

    Thanks for your response to my query; Would appreciate any photos of
    the cross slide you may have. Additionally, because the bed of a Sloan & Chace has raised vee-ways, I would like to know what the bottom mating surface looks like and how it fits on your Fairbanks? Lastly, is your Fairbank's a George Fairbanks made in Worcester Mass.? If so, I would like pictures, If possible, as I have never seen one, but is on my list of American bench lathes to find.

    Kind regards, Mark Kehrhahn ([email protected])
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