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  • Not a problem; Wow, Hong Kong, never been there. I can imagine that it would be a long flight, though.
    That's a long way for a plumbing call, you must be one hell of a plumber, LOL.
    Talk to ya later,

    I 'may' have surplus tooling. I just won't know 'til some time in March. I'm still doing plumbing repairs in Hong Kong, and the Burke and tooling are in Virginia.

    W/R your query in re NMBT 30 (or so I think it is eyeballed at a distance as smaller than NMBT40, but it was a quick once-over and I'm not especially au fait with either).

    'To Be Determined' if the existing Burke #4 spindle has enough beef to be bored for it. Near-certainty I'll have to make a NEW spindle to convert to NMBT/CAT 40.

    Long term, I'll be wanting to do something other than B&S #9, but it is not yet a priority, as I have 'enough' B&S #9 to get going.
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