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    New shop electric price quote?

    I would wire my own shop for sure. Pay to have the box put in and hooked up to power and do all the little stuff yourself. 150 amp would not be very big, I would get at least 250 and have it on its own meter.
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    When is it unsafe to wear gloves?

    I never wear gloves unless I am welding or sliding big hunks of oily steel down the fork lift forks and into the metal rack. While running a machine, never.
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    Making large custom tap to clean up threads in Al -- will 4140/4340HT work?

    Whoever makes these parts needs to go back to the drawing board before making any more. Fine threads that self destruct with any little ding or spec of dirt are foolish to make in the first place. 4140 will work for a thread chaser, charge a lot for it.
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    Need ideas for shop security internet

    I have seen plenty of videos by security cameras that do little more then let you watch all your nice stuff get stolen over and over again. Secure doors and windows are key, make them so they need a cutting torch to get inside. Any machinist should be able to beef up door frames and bars for...
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    Having difficulty locating rectangular quartz window...

    Being im blowing glass now days these folks have what you need. Technical Glass Products
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    Heat Treat oven or Kiln?

    I agree that the prices are absurd on some ovens. Ceramic kilns are modified, controller upgrades all the time by the glass artist. They rework them to overdrive way up till the elements are close to liquid 2,500F and melt 30-40 pounds of borosilicate glass till it can be drawn out into rods or...
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    Price of welding gasses

    Oxygen is my biggest expense, Buying it I could use up 5-10k a year. That's a large bite out of my profit. With compressors and oxygen concentrators and generators, I have been making and compressing oxygen on demand. You would not normally think of making oxygen as a DIY project but it is in...
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    Sheet Metal Bends: Radius for No +/- Factor

    sheet metal radius is always bent by thickness, you get the radius you get. If they dont know educate them.
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    How to properly make this table

    Huge heat treat oven... shipping and treatment will cost a crazy lot. Grinding thet big prick... super expensive Grid of holes in that big hard son of a bitch.... you sure as hell dont have the money to pay to have that done. The chance of you making this dream table to those specs are about...
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    How to build an anvil with a Skil saw blade

    You can buy a hand held circular saw that will eat 1" steel plate for breakfast. Way faster then that mill was doing.
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    Calculated Industries is bull crap

    Easy fix... $30 machinery's handbook used. $10 Scientific calculator $1 tablet of paper from the dollar store. $1 box of pencils. I dont get the New Phone addiction thing at all, people walk, drive, and do everything with a phone in their hands. you can work and live without that stupid...
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    repair hydraulic rod at machine limits

    make a new rod put a large radius on the stud part and put a big chamfer on the piston. If its machined decent the O ring does not need to be there at all, it will not bypass a drop @ 10,000 PSI. Putting in a stud and lock-tight it in is a shitty hack fix that will not last.
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    Anyone here build oxy propane torchesburners or other flame work equipment?

    Well what I have is an oxygen concentrator, it feed 2 liters per minute to a 5 stage piston compressor (invacare homefil) and that feeds 2 K tanks. so it pumps 2 liters per minute into 14,000 liters of storage if I went to 2,000 psi. I stop at 1,000psi. So it takes about 54 hours to make and...
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    Anyone here build oxy propane torchesburners or other flame work equipment?

    This is an old work horse industry standard. A Carlisle cc. They are kind of gas hogs. They Sell for $1,400 and have the noisy ass pre-mix for a center fire. The point of the concentric rings of burners separately control is to save fuel, also you can add a foot pedals to fire the out rings...
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    Anyone here build oxy propane torchesburners or other flame work equipment?

    With good oxygen flow the torches do not get very hot, its using the small flame for detail that the end gets hot and ages. 309 ss sound great, is it decent to machine? Im also was considering tungsten as a face material. Probably overkill but there may be a reason its not used more in...