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  • Thank you anyways, I think your advice is spot on. Although I got this compressor dirt cheap I still do not want to mess it up.
    I think that you need an electrician to help you with this. There are numerous areas where you can make an error and cause damage to a very expensive unit. I am not able to trouble shoot your unit from afar, and you would be much further ahead to hire local expertise.
    Can you simplify this? Did you use the off/on switch that came on the SX6? Also what did you do about the fan that came on the 3 phase motor? Did you buy a double shafted 220 single phase motor? When I say we will pay I am very serious. I could take close up pics of the control board area and send them to you. If you could mark up the photo w what wires go where and make it pretty dummy proof w side notes that would be awesome. The info I need is where do the heaters go? I'm not really familiar w what a heater is, on wiki it looks like heaters are wires that go on the magnetic starter. What frame motor did you use? And did you have to mod the motor shaft? Or did you even have to mod the shaft? I know your time is very valuable but if you could help us with this we will be so grateful. If you could simplify the project for a novice like myself I would gladly pay you a couple of hundred dollars. It would be worth every penny to us.
    I installed a 5hp 220 volt single phase motor in the unit, and used just a portion of the controls. I had to change the heaters on the starters, but that was about it.

    Lee (the saw guy)
    I read a post somewhere on this forum where you talked about modding your Kaeser SX-6 to run on single phase power. I recently obtained a SX-6 at of all places a garage sale. However I do not have three phase power. Can you please give my brother and I guidance on how to convert to single phase? We would gladly pay you for your time, advice, and whatever you can provide to help us with this. I am pretty mechanical and know I can install the motor and do the wiring if I have advice on what to do. My name is Jared Jones and my phone number is 405-589-4238. My email address [email protected]. I am retired from the Army on disability so anytime is good for me.

    Thank you,
    Jared Jones
    Hi....No, I have never heard of the company.
    In slitting saws, I use either Thurston or Malco.

    Lee (the saw guy)
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