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  • Hi, got some pics up on the Dehass post. More coming on the Dehass receiver start. Problem was I tried to post pics on " Quick Reply" duh Don
    No problem, I never notice them either in fact my wife told me I had this one.
    Yea, Andy is in Pine Grove Mills, nice guy. I'm on RT 22 above Lewistown just a hobby shop. I turn train wheels for a living in Burnham.
    Always try to get to the Antique Machine Show at Penns cave in the fall.
    I guess a lot of PM members enjoy Cabin Fever down in York but I've never made it down.
    I never look at these notifications, sorry about the delay in getting back to you.

    My shops are split between Bellefonte and State College. Andy is in Pine Grove Mills, right?

    I have not meet him, but I keep meaning to make an active effort to talk with him in person. I think I am about a 15 minute drive from his place.
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