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    I thought that I did "comment" about that. ???

    No - it is not appropriate - of course not.
    However - I am not a "Global Moderator" here.
    He has not caused any trouble up to now that I know of, and as far as I know - he has not even posted on either of my "boards".
    I cannot touch him - even if I wanted to.

    You need to report that to Admin5 which can be done by clicking the e-mail link at the bottom of every page on this site - under the heading "Contact us". That will go directly to him.

    I only have super powers on two of the boards here, otherwise I am just another putz.

    Continued ----->
    Start one message up^^^

    Page 2:

    I would guess that Admin5 has not seen his username to date yet. I ass_u_med that as soon as he seen it - he would deal with it.
    You can bring it to his attention as easily as I can if you like.

    I would urge any of you to let me know if he sends you rotten posts via the PM or Visitor Pages ever again tho.
    I am personally more concerned about that kind of behavior than I am the username, but Admin5 may take care of the username.

    If it was within my power to - I prolly would have given him a suspension for those comments, but I don't think I have that power on these pages.

    Think Snow Eh!
    page 1:

    My _ view _ on _ that... ???


    You sure you want to know that? :dopeslap:

    As a moderator - I am "officially" appalled of such a username! :eek: :angry:

    As for some guy here sucking anyone else's balls - officially as a Moderator AND as personal - that just downright sickens me :ack2: :wrong:
    I don't even want to think about that - let alone hear or read about it! :cryin::ill:
    I would think that that behavior - if continued would likely get him ejected back to whenst he came...

    As far as the username is concerned - on a personal level - I saw it a while back and laughed.
    I am without a doubt racist. (as I believe that everyone is - whether they like it or not) And I try to be fair about it. I am good for slurs for any and all types evenly. I don't think anyone should feel like they are left out. That would be discriminatory! :angry:

    "Reply too long for "Visitor Message", so I am splitting it up here:
    page 2:

    The trouble is that "Every" likely hasn't given much thought to it - and that "Juan" is likely a whole lot closer to his native land than "Every" is by far.
    So if anyone should be "going home" -It's prolly not the spic. It's likely that skinhead honky assed Kraut, Wop, Polak or other ass-u_med-to-be white trash that graces the cover of Houses of the Holy! :mad5:



    Are we good?



    Think Snow Eh!
    Ah, I see it now, Ox. I don't need to see unwanted poo in my profile, so it's now gone.

    That said, I'm surprised that "suck my balls" and sending such pictures doesn't run afoul of harassment rules. Only thing I ever did to him was ask him to explain how his username /isn't/ racist. Which it clearly is, and it offends not only me, but a goodly number of other people here as well.

    Any thoughts on that?


    In responce to a few guys having issues like you mentioned, I looked into the subject a few weeks ago. I have edited my web page accordingly.

    Doo Recoils

    It seems some are not assembling them in the proper sequence. That is Doo's layout, not mine. You have to understand though that they are trying to get it into as small'a package as possible.
    I have gotten 2 back that had a worn clip ring.

    It seems that Doo's "stack-up" tollerances are greater than what my original dimmenssions allowed for. Some of their assemblies are enough thicker than my allowance, and the assembly then runs too tight.

    At least this is my best guess....
    These were built to the dimmessions of the assembly on my machine. And after several yrs I have never had an issue. So all I can think is some assy's are too thick, and the design would need to allow for some "take-up" shims if we were to continue.

    Thanks for the heads up though.

    Doo you need a new pawl?
    Just a follow up on the rewind parts I got last winter.
    The e clip wore up into the groove provided for it and allowed the pall to fail. My fix (in a hurry to riding) was to turn the post shorter and drill and tap for a bolt and locktite. I also had to reduce the thickness of the bolt head for clearance of the crank end.

    Don't take this as a complaint more of an observation.

    We have fresh at 3000' now. 31f at my house yesterday morning.

    Think snow
    I recieved the parts this afternoon fit and finish are excellent.
    Thank you for shipping so quickly.
    I showed the parts arround to a couple of local fellas and they were impressed, hopefully that will turn into a couple of more orders.

    Have you considered machining your co. name on them?

    Thanks, Thane
    Would like to know more about the Hardinge. What are they looking to get out of the machine.


    No prob ox man. Tell u the truth it's not my thing eather to make friends online, Facebook Twitter an all that crap. I thought I try and fit in, u know I got excited after This site allowed me to play with the other kids. Lol.
    Z - I don't know the first thing about "freinds", so please don't take rejection personally. No idea what that is all about, nor I guess doo I care much.

    Thanks for the vid and have fun.
    Ox, Hey man, I know you like snowmobiling from reading your posts. A fellow machinist friend of mine just emailed me this and first thing I thought of you. You must see this video of this guy with his snow mobile. Enjoy and tell me what you think. By the way the problem is fixed and I am "allowed" to play with you all. I'm soooo excited to participate. I got lots of pics too. I have a nice little play box here in Burbank, CA with all new equipment. All tooled up, and can't wait to show you. The only thing is that we are swamped with "werk" (as you say, lol) and I have to make the time at nights. Hope my little lady doesn't mind me typin and typin. Well here is the link below, please check it out and enjoy!!!
    Vidéo Motoneige 0 - Montagne 1
    Well Dale - I don't really know how to reply to you via this message thingy here... :o

    Maybe you will see this? Maybe not?

    Enyway - an RFQ is Request for Quote.
    In other werds, you are asking for some-one else to quote a job for you.

    Think Snow Eh!
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