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    Special BIAX scraper

    I completely agree with Bakafish about that being the weak point of all Biax scrapers: they are prone to attract abrasive dust and their wearing sneaks up on you. Sometimes you tend to blame yourself on not being good at hitting the intended spot, ignoring the side-to-side rocking motion of the...
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    Identify Tool Grinder

    It looks like a shop-built tool designed for a specific operation, and built from pieces scrounged from other machines. For instance, the plate on which is mounted the motor is commonly used to adjust belt tension but here it is used for a rather crude adjustment of the height of the wheel in...
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    Neat Video from the NIST Metrology lab

    I don't remember it either. We were in the room of the other M48: the one in the video was in use. Here is the link to all my pictures of that visit at NIST: https://paoloamedeo.smugmug.com/NIST-Metrology-Lab/n-NmfpJR/ Paolo
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    Interesting scraping videos I found 2023

    Just a couple of quick comments. Scraping (with the goal of having ~80% contact surface) is done to guarantee perfect sealing where you cannot have gaskets for several reasons (e.g. high pressure steam flanges, certain gearboxes, etc.). Probably, that fuel pump has been designed in a way that...
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    ot: another ebay scam?

    If you were at least posting the link, we could judge by ourselves... Otherwise, your posting is more like a rant than a warning. Paolo
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    Help me find out what machine this is please.

    It looks like a rather old shaper. Hard to tell anything more from the pictures: in order to identify a piece of machinery, more panoramic pictures are much more helpful than details. Paolo
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    Van Norman 22LU tooling

    I have two 22L: one (early production) with #2 collets (i.e. Hardinge 50V), the other (late production) with NMTB 50 spindle. I have never heard of any having a NMTB 40 spindle. I thought that the only VN with 40 taper spindles were the very last models. I have not touched so far the older of my...
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    Lucas 41 HBM head alignment issue

    I'm not sure if I understand correctly your description, but to me it looks like the problem is in the ways and gibs of the table and saddle, allowing it to twist when moving it back and forth. Try pushing the table toward the spindle on the operator side and away from the spindle on the...
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    source for cannode blue and yellow (or red)

    My understanding is that Canode inks are discontinued. I am getting good results using Charbonnel Aqua Wash etching inks (available from many suppliers, I have take one randomly for the link). They are a little thick and need to be diluted with a couple of drops of water/Windex, but the Prussian...
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    how do you measure the fit of a collet?

    On the top of Bakafish suggestions, I would cover the outside of the collet with sooth, insert a pin very close to the collet nominal size, and tighten the collet in the holder: observe where the sooth transfer to the holder. If you have an equivalent number of "spots" in the front and the back...
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    evaluate flatness of a surface plate with a level, straightedge and a pencil.

    I think that putting shims under each end of the level would work just fine (hopefully you expect imperfections much smaller than the thickness of even the thinnest shim at hand). One consideration about moving only half the length of the base of the level at each time: doing so, you end up...
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    Better handle for Sandvik hand scraper

    Here is my solution for Sandvik and other scrapers (e.g. Anderson): I made a few of them for the scraping class that we hosted at Tuckahoe a few years ago. The prototype was bored out from a bar. The production series was made by two pieces loctited together: the cap from the same bar and...
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    Weight of Cinci #3 combination mill

    John, If you really want it, you might consider renting a larger forklift for offloading it. If it comes with 20-25 arbors as the only tooling, I don't know if it is really such a great deal. all you would ever need is a couple of straight ones. If, instead, it comes with 20-25 tool holders...
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    Got some bits and pieces , need ID help

    Clearly a South Bend cross-slide and compound (not sure if for 9", 10K, or 10L). The stamping under the compound casting should help you identifying what model it is for. You can check if the follow rest bolts to the cross-slide (i.e. comes from same model lathe). No clue on that sort of...
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    Wanted 48” straightedge

    Otherwise, there is a 48" B&S on eBay right now. Paolo