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  • I'll call you Pappagrizzly since I don't know your name. Also since I know your busy I'll make this short.

    Kudos and attaboys for standing up for your company AND making it known what the real reasons were after Don mentioned you'd pulled your South Bend adds. That's a rare thing for any large company to do in todays world. While I visit Practical Machinist for personal education I rarely post due to the anti everything that's not American built. 20 years ago cheap Chinese machine tools deserved most of the bad comments. I've seen a slow and continous upgrade in both your equipment and others. The bigotry shown on this site is also the worst I've seen on any machinist's website. I could say a lot more but again your busy. I admire anyone for standing up for what's right. I'm a lot more committed about buying Grizzly tools than I was.

    Peter Boa
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