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    Inside Mic for Measuring Internal Groove

    I second this. We have a drawer full of them and use them all the time. Great for exactly what you need. 1175Z Dial Indicator Groove Gage
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    Di system cleaner

    Adding anything to the water will just cause the filter(s) and DI resin to work to remove it from the water. That being said, there are EDM specific cleaners out there that work well. We would typically drain our tank, clean everything, and then refill the system up with water that had been...
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    EDM small hole alignment

    Are you picking up the part with an edge finder or the electrode itself? Is it a CNC machine or manual? I'm assuming there is no touch probe.
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    EDM small hole alignment

    It translates to part specific fixture.
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    Anyone using a laser to make electrodes?

    You'll burn the laser out with the reflection from the copper.
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    Keyence Handheld CMM ??

    Make sure you ask them about traceable calibration if you start looking into it. We were told 'it doesn't need calibration', which is not something our auditors would have ever accepted as an answer. If you have more than 3 datums, or datums that aren't a simple plane-line-point, it can get...
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    load meter to determine wheel condition

    All of the CNC grinders I've used or seen have had one. It is especially useful when using CBN plated wheels as we could see the load increasing and pull the wheel before the plating was fully stripped and junked the wheel. We had a max load limit set for each wheel which would stop the...
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    Newbie looking for advice - WEDM

    Check out EDM Today magazine as well (you can read past issues on their website).
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    Tried a new tool to control slugs (parts) and it WORKED!

    Nice, I like the living hinge design. Do I see a second hinge and set screw just above the part to be clamped?
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    What is "In House"?

    Some CNC shops build and maintain their own machines and would see savings at a large enough scale. I know of one machine shop with multiple locations that has over 1500 machines. Some CNC machine manufacturers produce parts for their customers. I worked at one of the latter and we had the...
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    Great Lakes Oil Company GLOC Syn EDM+ Dielectric

    SST and Electrodes Inc both have locations in your state.
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    How do you calculate your machine rate?

    I agree, that sounds like it is arcing and not eroding properly. Check your flushing, back off on your SV, bump up your gap voltage and maybe drop your I value. The real question is why use an endmill for EDMing?
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    How do you calculate your machine rate?

    There is a big EDM shop that specializes in cooling holes for gas turbine components. They used to charge $1/hole. They have thousands of machines, and EDM a little more than 3M holes/day. That could be anywhere from $60-700/hr per machine.
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    Help quoting drilling holes?

    I loved wire holes. ~Ø.060 diameter took 60s a hole on a slow older EDM drill, or 30s a hole on a faster machine.
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    Old dial bore gage.

    Could you post a picture of the entire gauge?