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  • Ronnie,
    Would you please contact me at let me know what the plans are for shipping the mill? Thanks
    Rudd rudd135 - at- yahoo.com
    hey ronnie, i am looking for a milling attachment for my sb 9b, do you have one???? also what do you have for metal shapers, loved the atlas in your barn, but looking for something a little cheaper.
    Bob Dionne
    Hi Penelopepitstop:

    I'm looking for the large back gear for a South Bend 11 inch lathe (serial no. 75285, model no. 11B, mfg. in 1937). It has 78 teeth, an outer diameter of 5.7110, an inner diameter of 5.407, a 1.187 hole thru at the center with a .100 X .187 key cutaway. The thickness of the gear is .688.

    I can send you a detailed drawing of the gear or, if need be, the actual gear itself if you feel that you need more information.

    Thank you for your time and efforts.

    Robert Young
    hey fella if you do not sell the 12 inch clausing tailstock on e-bay i'll take it. thanks batw
    Hello penelopepitstop,
    My name is Les and I go by toolles in this forum. I was reciently elected Secretary Treasurer of the Antique Machine Haulers Group and would first of all like to welcome you to the AMHG membership. I am working on updating the contact information for the group's members. Please see the following list and send back the information to me so we can update our records.

    PM Username:
    Zip Code:
    First Name:
    Last Name:
    E-mail address:
    Home Phone:
    Mobile Phone:
    Street Address:
    Can you store or transfer?
    Weight limit in pounds:
    Range in miles:

    Thank you for your support and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Les Wiggin
    Secretary Treasurer
    Antique MAchine Haulers Group
    I saw you comment on having more chip pans for a heavy 10? Do you have any more - I too have a heavy 10 without a pan. Let me know cost of pan and brackets - thanks

    Thanks for the message on the BXA holder. I'm missing most of my change gears on 1922 11" lathe (5/8" thick with 5/8 bore"). If you come up with any drop me a message.
    Thanks Clay
    Hi -

    Just saw a post that you made a little while ago. You indicated that you were new to the list, but collected a lot of vintage machinery. Listed your name as Ron Camarrata. Same Ron Camarrata that is on the yahoo gravely forum? If so, I think I bought a mower deck from you a while back. It would make sense because the Ron the gravely list has a matching collection of about 100 gravely tractors. Gravely ron is in Maryland, but you post indicated New York - same guy? Just wondering...

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