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Peter from Holland

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  • Hello Peter, I am trying to connect regarding two mills you show on your site (especially the 220VAC conversion) and other import help. In all cases, I am in the US California and would like to connect to see what the range of cost of import/shipping might land. Can you please help?
    My email I sent was from [email protected].
    Peter from Holland
    Peter from Holland
    Hello Thomas
    I did answer that mail you send me the same day
    Probably in your spam box
    all my mail to Gmail ends up in the spambox if I ad a link
    So just now I just responded without the link
    I hope it comes through now
    PS Make me a trusted sender in Gmail
    Hi guys, about the plastic tumbler gears on the DR1,I’ve seen some posts mention 22 and 24 tooth gears?? Should both gears not have the same number of teeth? Or can both gears be 22 or 24 teeth resulting in different ratios to gearbox? Can anyone explain?? Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
    Thanks for info Peter,reason for removal is, the machine is actually in great shape and I’m stripping it down and restoring it. Spindle is true and tight, I need to replace the belt,so I’m thinking if I need to remove rear bearings for belt replacement I might as well clean and regrease front bearings, I read up on the procedure and think it’s doable, any specific reason that you know of why I shouldn’t be fiddling with front bearings if I don’t really have to?thanks.
    The shaft and the spindle nose are a single piece
    Remove the nut on the left of the big gear and pull the shaft out
    But why do you want to take it apart
    Hi Peter, thanks for replying on the DR1 fibre/ plastic gears module, I’m currently removing the spindle ( trying to) and am having problems trying to remove the D-4 spindle nose, got those 3 Allen screws, springs and pins
    removed, seems to be stuck on pretty good, wondering if it’s sitting on a taper and proper procedures to remove it. The manual shows the breakdown parts alright but nothing on removal, my machine somewhat differs from manual like the locking ring behind spindle nose has 4 holes drilled instead of the Allen set screw shown in manual . Probably didn’t bother to redo manual with changes on later machines?? Thanks for your time
    This angle head belongs to a very old Deckel FP2
    If it will fit your FP1 it will make a tremendous sound as the mating gears have a different pressure angle
    The FP1 has 15 dgr the fp2 has 20 dgr


    This machine turned up in an auction local to me here in the California Bay Area. I am hoping your experience can provide some insight It is a deckel pf1, but note the attachment head in the foreground. Is this a proper vertical head for a pf1? The article in the photo looks curiously different than most pf1 heads. I found one of your posts on practical machinist that depicts a vertical head on a pf2, similar to the one in this auction link. Do you think this attachment would make this pf1 a vertical miller? Incidentally, there is a pf2 at this location and you never know what was staged for an auction listing.

    Messaging you in private as not to raise undue interest in this item. Hoping for a semi-bargin in the highly competitive Bay Area. But, this needs to be a vertical machine.

    Thank you,

    hi peter i would said tank you to help me to fine the manual for graziano sag 12 on skydrive. Mtruche, Saguenay ,Quebec,Canada
    Salutation Andre
    hi peter,
    i bought a used machine made in germany
    its a "koepfer 150"
    can u help me in finding the manual of this machine??

    best regards

    Hello Cal Grandy here in Vermont USA

    Can you assist in sourcing a repalcement 34 tooth gear for the belt driven feed arrangement on a Weiler LZ330?

    I've just come on to an older machine, and that part is missing. The rest of the change gears are good.


    Hi Peter , thanks for a super fast reply. I figured the two machines were a bit different but was not sure just how different. The model I think I have bought is the FP4M (I say think, because the tender process has not been finalized 100%), but she is an FP4M. I have some old Deckel machine catalogues but nothing on the 4M. I also have an FP1, I take it that the FP4 is a much bigger better machine, but as they say "horses for courses" I will not lie, I love the Deckel stuff, have now collected the KF1, GK21, SO grinder, FP1 and the FP4M, also have little Aciera F3 but that's jsut cause I like the machine's simplicity. By the way thanks for all your input on the forum, have read many of your threads. Brent
    Hi Peter, were you ever able to get a hold of the Deckel FP4 manual or even one for the FP4M on PDF. I may have a FP4M in the pipeline and want to prepare myself? Thanks Brent
    I got the manual from Ferrari It was €100
    I can have a copy made as a PDF file for €50,- ex VAT 19%
    If you have a VAT nr the VAT rate is 0%

    If you are intrested let me know

    I also reread the e-mails and they said they still had parts for the machine
    But I remember calling them first and then send a e-mail so they were expexting my e-mail
    If that is impossible for you perhaps I can order parts

    my e-mail is [email protected]
    My website Veltman Machines, nieuwe en gebruikte machines voor de metaalbewerking.

    I can send you a picture of the cabinet if you want to

    hello Peter
    It`s Thomas from France.
    You told me to send you a MP to have more informatioms about the electrical manual .
    My machine has the same electrical schema than your , they should be identical .
    Do you have the manual?
    Me I tried to send some email to CB Ferrari manufacture in Italy and no answer.
    I tried on Usinages.com forum where I`m register and nobody has this kind og milling machine.
    Thanks a lot
    Have a good day
    best regards
    Hello Peter

    I know a nice AktivDigital Deckel FP2 for sale. As the machine is out of reach for me and I know that's the kind of machine you occasionnaly buy, I'll send you the mail I received from the seller with the pictures of the beast. Check your inbox !


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