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  • Hi. Could you email me the fadal instructions for adjusting rigid tap parameters please. I have the Anilam test PDF, but the rigid test I try to run fails, and I get an error message.
    My email address is: scott@thegeardaddies. com.


    Hi Pipes. ..

    Thanks for the help. I hope you get this message as I am sending it from my phone.

    Yes, I have a 4 channel scope that I can use. I am a bit of a rookie with a scope, but I am sure I can figure it out. A Mechanical Engineer with a scope..not sure it is such a good idea;)

    My Email: [email protected]

    I spent some time on the phone today with Jim at CNCRepair.com. He seems to be pretty well versed on this drive. He had me check pins 44 and 45 on the SF-CA board for a signal when the spindle is turned by hand. There was nothing that showed on the scope. It just flat lined. Unless I had the scope setup incorrectly. But, i dont think so. The power supply appears to be fine. His feeling was that there is a problem with the end coder or the amplifier board?

    Yes, please send the test procedure that you have available.

    I certainly appreciate your helping me troubleshoot this thing.

    Thanks a bunch!!

    I did not even notice you were in RI. My tech told me I do not have homing switches. He has offered to install them. I may take you up on your offer once I get up and running. Do you do anilam program training?
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