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  • Hello Piston Skirt ,
    Thank you for commenting on my post regarding crank rebuilds . I am very interested in the process & am covinced I can make a dollar doing it . I have my machine ( 1996 polaris xlt 600 ) as my ginne- pig . I understand it can very be tricky & there is a huge market for a guy that can build cranks in my area .I live in the land of ice & snow ( Canada ) & we have some real nasty winters & that means everyone & there brother has a sled . Hillbillies being hillbillies get to drunk , go to fast & blow up thier machines , I am no exception LOL .
    But $700 for a rebuild ?????? There is 1 very important variable i forgot to add in this equation . I am stubborn .........Like a mule & don't know how to quit or except failure . Could u please help me with some in depth data on fixtures & static testing / balancing ?
    Looking for a coach ( or sorts ) .............cause I'm gonna try it anyways :) .

    Scott Joris
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