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    Opinions on laser welders

    Looking for opinions on buying a New, good quality laser welder for a reasonable price. I am considering buying a laser welder for my shop. I will not be doing industrial grade work or anything that requires certification. I do occasional die grade repairs on tool steels, titanium, precious...
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    Belt Grinders

    I own one of these, it's amazing Wuertz Machine Works – TW-90 Knife Grinder
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    Help needed manually turning helical web (square thread)

    Try turning it through by hand and you should be able to see the problem. Use a mirror and bright light with some magnification. That's a step I always try when I run into one of those type situations.
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    Dielectric fluid for Sinker EDM Where and what to buy

    I went with the Commonwealth synthetic, it has worked out well for me. One thing I've noticed is that, being an oil, it has a higher viscosity than kerosene and hence drains slower from the tank. Not a huge deal. Concern about seals and other immersed organic items is warranted, I have had a...
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    Q. re extracting really small tap

    Pete, Negative pressure flushing is all I use. Of course I have only die sinkers and usually am sinking cavities, cylindrical with straight or tapered walls, and die cavities of assorted configurations. Look at it using the example of a straight walled cavity and the specs call for straight...
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    Q. re extracting really small tap

    I'd agree if you're talking about a homemade edm or dedicated hole popper. But, all of my machines are equipped with suction applied through the electrode as one option, allowing the "swarf"? to be carried away and not contaminating the work surface. there is also dressing the end of the...
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    OT: Wire EDM Electromagnetic Interference

    I have 3 sinkers and I get increased interference as the settings get finer. My shop is inside a steel building next to my house and at finishing settings my wife cannot watch the antenna tv in the house 200 ft away. At rough settings there is no noticeable interference. Cell phone is also...
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    Can this Haimer be fixed?

    That there's a burr-dog!
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    Seeking source for aluminum tubing in lubrication system...

    Spencer, I had the same problem. Bought a 618 Micromaster with some tubing problems, also I ended up rebuilding the switch valve body completely including new pistons, also built new hydraulic cylinders for x & y axis. I used copper capillary tubing and it works perfectly. Just thought I'd throw...
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    Micrometer resting at other than zero

    Get a 1" guage block and use that to set the zero, which in this case the mic should be set to read 1.000" . ALSO which is what you need to set the micrometer to read, not Zero. Of course if it is set to zero anything on the negative side of zero is going to register as a negative as you have...
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    What would be the best kind of machine for this sort of work?

    Porsche does allow for some difference in tolerance due to the distance between the layshaft and crankshaft centers. There are layshaft driven gears with plus and minus sizes to set proper lash between the two gears.
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    What would be the best kind of machine for this sort of work?

    Keep in mind also you'll need to cut concentric thrust surfaces for Crank and layshaft bearings. I agree that a radial drill will not give you results you will be satisfied with. FWIW
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    OT-Unexpected Death of a Parent-Tips for Working Alone?

    Its been about 7 years now since my mom and dad went. I am so sorry for your loss, What else can I say. Ron
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    Mill repaint - paint of don't paint mating surfaces?

    Its ok to paint if you use precision paint on those precision surfaces, any machine dealer should have it in spray cans or gallon buckets.
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    More on Needle Scalers

    Really, you must be joking? Why does it make any difference to you? He simply asked a question and a simple response is all that is needed, why make your own values the most important part of this thread? To the OP, I sorta like that look too,I have an old Hardinge TL with no paint and no rust...