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  • MilsimPenguin. It's a lathe. Go to Youtube and search for Denford Orac lathe for an idea of what it looks like. I don't think it will help you make the parts you want to make but it will teach you some basics to use a lathe and how to program one and cut parts. I doubt you would ever make any money using it.
    I would love to buy what you have for sale.

    Can you just explain what exactly it does?

    Thank you.
    yes John, no way I'm going to try it on my Haas machine first, or ever.

    I'm going to try it sometime on a 1980's machine with a screwed up spindle, if I even ever get a chance, first I want to save up and buy the probe system and get it installed.
    Hi Francesco,

    Don't screw up a nice machine trying to make a CNC bender out of it.

    Go with your first plan and purchase a junk machine and modify it as necessary.

    Just a thought from a friend,

    John Clark
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