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    New Machine Day- Makino - EDAF2

    Hi Bob, Regarding what Marcus already posted in message #12 -- the importance of climate control can not be understated if/when trying to cut (and/or measure) to "tenth" or sub-tenth accuracies. I was in the wire edm business for a number of years, and I picked up a LOT of work from other wire...
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    Machining intersecting radii/cylinder

    I'd look into MIM if it was me. Of course you'd end up with a 1000-year supply of parts, but if you can bake the setup cost into say... the first year or so of sales, then it's all gravy after that! :D PM
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    Agie Drill 20 how to load a program from a USB

    In this video, I believe the second icon across the top (the one that has a green strip on the bottom of the button) will get you into the "Work Preparation" screen, which "should" allow you to import a file (most likely an ISO out of your CAD program). AgieCharmilles Drill 20 Operation -...
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    Agie Drill 20 how to load a program from a USB

    It's been many years since I ran one, but I recall that both the Drill 20 and Cut 2000 wire machine accepted ISO files. I can't remember ever loading a file onto the Drill 20 -- I always just programmed it right at the machine, as I recall. PM
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    3R indexer

    I would think there would be zero issues submerging in oil. Will send you a PM, so we can catch up.
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    3R indexer

    Hi all, First off, moderators: if this is an inappropriate post, nuke immediately! My reasons for listing an item I just posted on eBay here are: - I would love to see this go to someone who consistently participates in this EDM Forum. - I did a search in the Tooling section of the For...
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    Wire eroding thin aluminium plate

    Have you tried flushing pressure from the top nozzle and suction from the bottom nozzle? PM
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    Wire EDM parting advise

    John, Tons of good advice above! The good news is, the Cut2000 has an insanely powerful control that allows almost endless ways to cut a part (or handle a drop). I ran one for about 3 years at a large tech company, and while the early ones had some control issues (ugh), the versatility of...
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    Agie Progress V3 gound cables

    When I had my Agie 170HSS, I bought braided ground cables with eyelets in the ends. I can't remember who I bought them from -- but they were about 1/20th of the cost of the Agie replacement parts. Never had ANY issue with them, and the machine acted and cut exactly the same with them. PM
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    Favorite WEDM Tooling?

    When I was getting out of the wire business, this is what I had accumulated in 3R tooling over time. I later took a job at a tech company, and had pretty much a blank check to buy whatever I wanted. I ended up buying all Erowa tooling there, which I actually liked better than the 3R tooling I...
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    Wire EDM for the Home Shop

    I would probably dispute that. :) Of course for high-volume production, it would be ridiculous, however for prototypes or short runs where tooling for conventional cutting methods would either be too expensive, or have too long a lead-time, wire edm wins. Additionally, there are situations...
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    2019 next gen, cutting holes

    Per my message of ~3 years ago, see if you can get a Heidenhain field rep to bring one of these by your shop and "demo" it for you. KGM 200 grid encoders for machine tool inspection The effects on *actual* tool path due to feed rates, programming methods, and total mass on the work table will...
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    Simple Question: Stable Reduction Value for Tech Optimization? (WEDM)

    Ishira, I've been out of the wire business now for about 10 years, but can tell you that I found pretty much what Implmex has outlined in detail: Keep the machine clean, keep the water clean, keep conductivity as low as possible, keep a stable water temp, and above all... make sure that there...
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    WTB: Brother HS300 wire edm machine

    As per title, looking for a Brother HS300 wire edm machine. thx PM