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  • The tool dealer is in Waupaca WI about 100 miles from where I live in Madison WI.
    Business Name: RH Liquidation.
    Address: N2598 Hwy 22 Waupaca WI. 54981
    Business Phone #: (715) 258-8886
    Business Fax#: (715) 258-1541
    Home Phone#: (920) 867-4948

    The owners name is Ryan Hofferber. He's fairly young (Iwould guess late 30's to early 40's) and seems to really know his business. He's familiar with almost any type and brand of machine tool you can imagine, and easy to work with.

    I always ask the price he wants for an item. He was always fair and in most cases far cheaper than you could buy the same item on e bay (especially if you included shipping and handling). Sometimes he asks me to make an offer. So far he's accepted every offer I've made. Most things I buy are so obsloete there isn't a large market for them.

    I'll be going up there after Christmas for about a week. Hopefully I'll come home with some tooling "new" machine.

    I was looking for some B&S #30 cam-lock tooling and was wondering ,if you don't mind, what the tool dealers name was.
    I live in Montana and needless to say there are no dealers here, besides EBay.

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