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    Baileigh Cold Saw Questions

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions. This is a manual machine with a small coolant reservoir and pump in the base. As it sets now there is a screen in the coolant trough to keep swarf in the trough and not allow it to reenter the tank. There is also a basket in the tank to capture any swarf...
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    Baileigh Cold Saw Questions

    At this point I have a 350mm blade with 110 teeth ground for cutting 1 1/4" to 2 1/2" solid aluminum rounds. I also have a 315mm blade with 100 teeth ground for cutting 2" solid mild streel rounds. Both are from the Cold Saw Blade Store ground specifically with the number of teeth, and a tooth...
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    Baileigh Cold Saw Questions

    I purchased a used Baileigh CS-350-EU cold saw earlier this year. It's now cleaned, repaired and working in the shop. While it hasn't gotten a ton of use it seems to be quicker and more accurate than either the horizontal bandsaw or the power hacksaw. The only "downsides" I see so far are noise...
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    Cold saw problem

    Going back to jscpm's reply have you actually measured the thickness of a test slug at the top of the cut and at the bottom to see if the blade is tracking properly. I had a similar chattering problem with a used Baileigh I bought earlier this year. On 2" aluminum rounds it would start to...
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    Alarm system for remote shop?

    If you're adding internet you might want to consider something like the Arlo Pro 4 camera system. The cameras are motion sensitive and operate day or night. They send an alert to your phone when they are triggered and store the video clip on a remote server. They can also be setup to sound an...
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    Looking For Cold Saw Blades

    Over the last few weeks, I've contacted several companies that make and sell cold saw blades. I purchased my first blade from Grand Blanc Industries in Grand Blanc Michigan. It's a 350 mm diameter 100 tooth HSS blade ground for cutting aluminum. I used it last week on some 1 3/4" solid round...
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    Radial Arm Drill search

    How far are you willing to travel to find one? There are currently 3 or 4 different size radial drills available at RH Liquidations in Waupaca Wisconsin. https://rhliquidators.net/ I have no idea of the size or condition, but it might be worth giving them a call for more information. I've...
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    Small Shop Bandsaw Recommendation

    Another option is a cold saw. They have a relatively small footprint compared to a horizontal bandsaw but can cut just about any material you throw at it within its cutting range. They come in a variety of sizes from a bench top model with a 9" blade to floor models with up to a 17.5" blade...
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    Looking For Cold Saw Blades

    Thanks for the tip. This is my first experience with a cold saw. Until now I hadn't even measured the blade on the machine. I just went out to the shop and low and behold the blade on the machine is a 315 mm. When cutting some material, the last few days I thought it was far noisier than...
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    Looking For Cold Saw Blades

    Diameter is 350mm. Bore is 32mm. Current blade is 2.5 mm thick.
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    Looking For Cold Saw Blades

    As many of you already know i picked up a Baileigh CS-350EU cold saw earlier this year. The saw is up and running so now it's time to invest in a few blades. I'm looking for a blade to do mild steel flats, rounds and round & square tubing. I'm also looking for one to cut nonferrous materials...
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    Advice wanted on a cold saw for an Engineering workshop

    So far, the only things I've cut are 1 1/8" solid round and 2 1/4" solid round. Since I'm a newbie with the machine I'm probably slower than a seasoned veteran. The 1 1/8" round took about 15 seconds and the 2 1/4" took over a minute. I'm sure I could have pushed the saw to cut it faster, but...
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    Advice wanted on a cold saw for an Engineering workshop

    I'm a bit surprised this old thread still has some life. It's a bit ironic it should be revived at this time since I just recently purchased a Baileigh CS-350EU cold saw. This one is a true cold saw with variable blade speeds between 24 and 120 rpm. I must say it does an excellent job and is...
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    How to Clean a Cold Saw?

    I finished cleaning, painting and reassembling the cold saw last weekend. Today I did a number of test cuts to be sure the blade was tracking properly. The first slug was about .006" thicker on the bottom than the top. I followed the instructions in the owner's manual and adjusted the...
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    9" Seneca Falls Star - What is the spindle bore diameter, and can a spindle with a larger bore be installed?

    I have a 1916 era Seneca Falls Star #20 K series lathe. It's referred to as 9" machine but has an actual throw of slightly over 10" with a bed length of 60" As previously mentioned, it has a 3/4" bore. While it is a nice machine it might be a bit slow for your needs. The maximum recommended...