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  • I came across your page while looking for a 3 axis DRO for my Rockwell Milling Machine 21-120. I would be interested in what your DRO's cost and what you have to offer. Please let me know. [email protected] Thanks,
    You still selling DRO units? I am a college student in Maine working on my senior project. Was looking at 2 or 3 axis Dro units. Could you get me a price if you are still working with those. Thanks
    I tried to send you a pm a few days ago but I do not know if it got there. I need some change gears for my harrison M300b lathe. i heard that you handel a line of lathes that is the same as the Harrison line. Any help would be appreciated.

    P.S. I went to the section that said inquire about advertising, filled out the information, and thats how I tried to get the information on the rates. When I asked last year about it, you said that you didnt handle it, so I did not email you again about it.
    Sorry it took so long to reply, I did not know what a visitor message was.
    I was TRYING to advertise by paying, but I never got any response about adds or anything. I dont mind paying for advertising, but I need to know what the rates are and how it works.
    I have not been on the forum much recently anyway, so what happened to make you have a problem with me?
    I've decided I'm getting tired of you using the forums as a backhand (free) way of drumming up business. As such I'm going to change your PM name from your company name to something else. Up to you to suggest the "something else"...otherwise I'll make one up for you.
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