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  • Ray,

    Thanks for the speed creep fix info! Worked like a charm. Just picked up the machine a few days ago and doing the cleanup/degreasing at the moment while waiting for the VFD to show up.

    I'm a newbie and will have a few inquires from time to time and wonder if you would educate me occasionally for this 747VS I've got since you have one too?

    That being said and if you've got a moment.

    Pretty tight and quiet machine. That being said it does need a wee bit of maintenance care, being a bit dirty and some hard crud here and there. I've noticed that the spindle is tighter at the top and less at the bottom 1/3 of travel after lubing and doing a little bit of flushing throughout the front slot. It feels like the gearing is rotating thru wax and frees up at I pull down thru the stroke. Any ideas on the possible reason/fix... and how to flush it and the head without screwing something up?

    Again, thanks for your advice.


    Hi Ray. I read your post regarding Yahoo's Sheldon lathe group. Can you give me the reasons you don't like it?

    Hello Ray,
    I was reading a post you made in thread about storing end mills - and you had a link to photo-bucket picture. I went through your (9) pics on that photo bucket album (called "other stuff ...) and the last 2 pictures show a d3vice that is a rotating table on a U shaped base. I have one of those also -a precision piece of equipment - but I do not know exactly what it is or what it is used for..can you tell me?
    Good evening Ray!!

    New to the machinist world and have much to learn. Might be getting a Bridgeport and was looking to build a wood pallet. Odds are I may acquire some future machinery and think your design would lend itself well. With your permission I would like to build my own. Have the angle- what did settle on for the interior dimensions?? Recommendation for castors??

    Any assistance is appreciated...

    Thanks and have a great weekend...

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