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    Center clamping mechanism for Hey facing and centering machine

    Do you have a lead for that contact? We had one a while ago but it was a family business that shut down after the father passed. All the parts were liquidated by the children and we no longer had a source afterwards. No manual. One of our maintenance guys only got so far taking one apart.
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    Center clamping mechanism for Hey facing and centering machine

    We have three of these machines here and only one is operational; the other two are our parts cars. The only issues we have are the clamping heads. They all tend to seize over time where they can't be adjusted but can still clamp. I'm sure they can be rebuilt but I was thinking of taking it...
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    NDA for subbing out work

    I'm going to be quoting a job where I might have to sub out the companies logo to have a sign made. Is there a template I can build off of to have the sign company sign so they're not to disclose or publicly post the work? I'm a side-job, one-man-band so I don't have a [business] lawyer handy. I...
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    Entry-level plasma cutters for up to 1/2" thick mild & stainless flat & tube?

    I have cut plenty of 1/4" A36 with my older Hypertherm Powermax 45. And I mean tons of 1/4". I'd wager I'm the reigning 1/4" champion with a PM45. Hasn't skipped a beat for almost 5 years. I added a blower fan to the intake to keep things extra cool since it can be cutting almost 8 hours a day...
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    Any vibration analysts in the house?

    I'm trying to upgrade an old, antiquated analog vibration analyzer in our facility to something modern. I'm doing this based on a few reasons but mostly because our products get retested by the customer so I wanted to mimic their testing equipment and procedures to eliminate discrepancies (we've...
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    Cheap CAD Recommendations

    I've used ViaCAD in the past. It's plenty for hobby level. No one uses TurboCAD? I thought that was the go-to for entry level back in the day.
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    Business Strategy/Entrepreneurship thread for metal shops

    I'd be more curious on what percentage of work was through networking/acquaintances versus just a random customer showing up on your doorstep who suddenly provided the jobs to keep your doors open? I swear it seems like a few shops that I know got their start because they were either an...
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    Step pulley drill press VFD conversion: Continuous boost function

    So I had spare time/money to convert my 20" Jet drill press from step pulley to VFD. Running a 4.5" pulley on the motor to the what I measure 7.5" step (bottom) on the spindle pulley. RPM range is fine for what I need but would like a little more grunt on the lower RPMs. I'm using a Siemens...
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    Tree Journeyman 325: Determining motor encoder wiring

    I managed to retrofit a Hitachi SJ P1 VFD to my Tree Journeyman 325 General Numeric spindle motor. Now I would like to integrate the encoder using the Hitachi P1-FB. The Tree I retrofitted was gutted and there wasn't a VFD, just the frame and ends of cut wires. I can't find a wiring diagram...
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    Robotic welding cell integrators in the Midwest

    We have an old OTC/Daihen welding cell with a turntable that is finally taking its last dump. We've resurrected this thing to the point I'm going to tell management we need a new robot. Last tech said this is the last of it in regards to parts. It's 20 years old and worn out from the days of...
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    Any Siemens VFD gurus in the house? Proprietary cable?

    Hooking up an older V20 and can buy the external BOP and module for a few bucks to remote the controls. However, it takes a DB9 cable to connect the two. Anyone know if it's an off-the-shelf cable or some crazy crossover?
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    Tapping solution/fluid/paste/etc

    lol. Large corporation here so we only purchase the cheapest of the cheap. It's basically water with rust inhibitors. If anything, a little extra anything might help. I went and got some lard and doesn't seem much different than Crisco. Calling the tool salesman for a sample basket of stuff...
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    Tapping solution/fluid/paste/etc

    I've been fighting this process where I have to drill and tap fourteen 1/4-20 on this 4140PH shaft shoulder that I have to reach in about 6 inches but doesn't give me enough clearance around the shaft to get a proper tap extension. My best solution is using a hand tap extension. I bent the...
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    Asbestos in wiring?

    That's what doesn't make sense. Why a 4 conductor wire for a push button? Especially such a heavy gauge. It looks like it was replaced and I would've assumed with "whatever that was laying around".