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  • Hi Richard,

    How about any classes in New England for 2023? What would you need, equipment-wise, to support a class? My machine shop isn't big enough for 8-9 people either, but I *might* be able to find some space for a weekend class in an empty industrial space. It's temperature controlled and well lit with restrooms, etc. but is otherwise currently empty.

    Hi Richard,
    Do you have any other classes coming up in PA or Ohio for 2023?
    Matt from Pittsburgh
    Richard King
    Richard King
    I'm afraid not. If you had a shop we could try to advertise one inside yours. To be able to make it afordable you would need to have room for 8 or nine people inside your shop. Host shop get the class for free.
    Ok, I do have a shop but it’s not big enough for 8 people. Too much equipment (and always looking for more!)

    I’ll keep this in mind. Thanks
    Thank you for the information for my son. My name is Jill and my son's name is Noah. Since I check my email more regularly than he does, mine would probably be the best contact. It is [email protected]. Thanks again!
    Hi Richard and greetings from Australia. I am not sure if you can help but I have been looking for a Kingway alignment tool for awhile and after seeing you pick up the one on this site recently I thought I might drop you a line a see if you knew of any for sale or maybe if one comes up in the future you could send them my way. I am an enthusiastic amateur machine renovator. It is only a hobby as I am a farmer by trade. I have done a scrapping course with Machtool a few years ago and have a biax scraper and flaker. I recently also acquired a 6ft Churchill slide way grinder. To help me a little more with machine surveys I would love to add a Kingway alignment tool. Anyway if you know of one for sale now or in the future would love to hear. Do you know what the going price for a good used specimen is? I think your most recent buy was a steal.

    Thanks a lot

    Mark Gray
    Rich, did I give you a roll of turcite, I had bought for rebuilding my kids Bridgeport and I cannot find it
    We talked about having one there after we had a class in Ashland Wi last April, but they could not find a place to host it. All we need is a heated shop area about the size of a 2 car garage. The host get the training for free. Know anyone where we could have a class?
    Thanks, I wil give you a call then. I would love to take one of your classes if you ever got to the Milwaukee area.

    I hope you mean next month and not next week. I'm not quite ready yet.

    I have some tools. One scraper from ground flat file, one carbide brazed to shank and one Anderson tubular with HSS insert. I've got a HF carbide grinder I'm reworking and plan to have a diamond wheel and cast iron lapping wheel mounted. Those not quite done yet. I've got a 12 x 18 granite surface plate and 30" B&S bridge straight edge of untested condition. Got both used and haven't had a means to check them well. I've also got some clamps I can bring if more workpiece hold downs are needed - some wooden carpenters clamps and some large C-clamps. I've got a cast iron grooved lapping plate about 18" square that I don't think fits into anything you're teaching but I could throw it in (figuratively) if it has any utility. I guess also some tubes of spotting blue and a brayer.

    Certificate should say Jan Michael, I guess.

    Hi Rich,
    I didn't get it yet. Maybe it'll be in my mailbox when I get home tonight.
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