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  • Nope... Don't have a clue. Best thing is to go to bottom of the page and click on "Contact Us" and send them a message... Good luck.. :)
    Hi rj,
    I was reading shop owner/management issues. I scrolled to the bottom and it says i do not have permission to start new threads or post replies. Do you know why?
    Was reading through an older thread on backup, I have used a product called MX Backup for my mail servers for over a year. It is a store and forward service that you set as an additional MX record. It allows you to bring down the mail server without bouncing messages. It will also store mail for 10 days if your mail server crashes or your power goes out. No affiliation to the company. Also thanks for your input on the boards.

    Dyn Email Backup MX - Dyn
    I hate to be a whiner, but this guy just doesn't get it, ie Miguels244, in his conversation with Gordon (who else) "what it's like, et al.....)

    "Regardless it sure beats the Norquist dystopia the suicide bombers in the TEA party were looking for."

    Regardless of you politics, no sane person "hopes for" a massacre of children & young adults.

    He never fails to allude to the "tea party" in any conversation.

    thanks, Steve
    Hi Don.. Give me a call the next time you go to Red's. If I have time, it would be nice for you to visit. I'm right on 200.

    Mr Newbould I was reading the topic about the indexing mechanism and saw your Hernando, FL location. I was very pleased to read about your efforts with the indexing mechanism, never knowing that I drive by your place whenever I go to eat at Red's.
    Don Rogers
    Inverness, FL
    how do i change thread title?

    i want to change my thread title from help pleaes, to something else

    thanks for the reply
    Doing great David... How about you? I think it's c'est la vie.. Not sure, it's been a long time.. Just delivered (month ago) a custom work holding air spindle to a good customer in PA... The second one I made for them. I love using the air spindles..Can you say slick?

    How about an email update from you on present day stuff. I miss hearing from you.
    Hi rj,
    I have been meaning to contact you and see how you are doing.
    I recommended that our company contact you in regards to some custom spindle work that we need, however, the way things move around here it will probably never develop into work for you or a solution for us. cest le vie (sp?)
    A request to all moderators; please review Milacron’s behavior in the thread “Oliver 10 inch lathe on CL” in the Machinery for Sale or Wanted sub forum. To say the least it is certainly not what one would expect from a moderator.

    Thank you,

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