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Robert Campbell Jr.

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  • thanks for the like, gives me a bit of confidence that I might have a clue.........lol

    regards and hope you're having a nice day..
    Bob, Its pretty hard to replace a 2 story brick building c.1922. My son being a architect decided that with the loss of the Thayer County Agricluture Building something different should be put up on Main Street other than a normal tin ag building and I stick built a 2 story oversized 2 car shop. There have been a lot of pictures take of that building and I am one of the only people to have rebuilt. I guess its about as close to normal as it will get. Thanks for the thoughts and kind words.
    Greg Hornbostel
    Hi Robert,

    I saw your picture of the US Machine Tool Co #1. That is a great looking machine! I just bought the same one. I was curious if you had any information on the age of yours, and if it can be determined by the serial number. Mine doesn't have the overarm support, but I would like to find one. Do you know of anywhere that I could find one? I can't wait to start using this thing!


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