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    Small Putnam Lathe For Sale

    Actually Putnam and other makers called this a Hand Lathe. It could cut metal too. I don't think the "saddle/cross slide" is original. Still a cute lathe. Rob
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    Well weathered vintage machinery at auction near me( smith Silk planer, #5 becker brainard mill, #2 vert cinci mill, lots of old blacksmith stuff)

    Link. https://charlesmillerauctioneer.hibid.com/catalog/385699/machinery--black-smithing-and-antiques--barn-liquidation/ Rob
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    Old Vertical Slotter

    A short video on the operation of these machines. Doing what the OP's machine is setup to do. Rob
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    Old Vertical Slotter

    A quick search. https://www.paperpackagingmachinery.com/corrugated-box-and-board-making-machinery.html Rob
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    Old Vertical Slotter

    I don't think this is a machine for cutting metal. It looks to light. Judging by the paper dust on it and the paper in the box under the machine, I would say this is for cutting/punching paper, such as corrugated boxes. Over on the right hand side of the picture, you can see what is being done...
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    Lineshaft Machine Shop Photos

    It would be a nice one to have. There was one on the PM some time ago. Dated 1871. I don't know if it was saved or not. Rob
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    Lineshaft Machine Shop Photos

    If you are talking about the stereo photo in post #178, there are two drills in the photo, both are New York Steam Engine Co. ones. Rob
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    Lineshaft Machine Shop Photos

    That would put the pictures after 1868. In 1867 it was New York Steam Engine Works. In 1868 it became New Your Steam Engine Co. The pictures look to be from the early to mid 1870's. The last picture are Lucius Pond machines. Rob
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    Identify Delta grinder attachment

    It is a plane blade grinding attachment for Delta 7" bench & pedestal grinders. Rob
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    Craftsman drill press score

    I have the same model that was my dad's, less the multi speed pulley. He bought his in the 1950's. Made by Atlas. Rob