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  • I don't know how much you'll see me here. I'm rediculously busy. I try to keep it on the down low due to divorce issues. But I have had jobs show up every day since last week monday. 8 Consecutive days of work showing up that will take much more time than 8 days to do. Nuking Futs is what I'm going with. I don't intend to work every waking minute so I will be busy for a while.

    I do intend to keep up with you, however I won't be here every day.

    Till later
    Saw your posts about the 2216. Only concern I would have is the carbon cutting. If they used a good dust collecting system or wet curtain shouldn't give you any problems. Make sure electronics are free of carbon dust as it is a high electrical conductor and that there is not alot of wear in the ways. Great hearing from you. I did the divorce thing many years ago and know what that's like. Hope to see you more on here.

    Jeff Reisetter
    Vice President
    Janssen Machine, Inc.
    RBF Products, Inc.
    815-621-0153 (cell)
    Hey Timm, Jeff Reisetter from Janssen Machine here. I just got back on to the forum again and was glad to see your still on. Hope all is well and your shop is busy!
    Hi Rosie,
    From reading some of the posts I see that you are the person that knows her stuff... If you do not mind, maybe you can assiste with my issue...

    I have a Hitachi Seiki Hitec-Turn 25S. Our issue with the machine lately is that as soon as we try to power one stand-by I get a alarm message "280 Not Ready *Reset Emergency, Then Depress Standby Switch"... Obviously doing as the message indicates does not remove the alarm... Also if this alarm does not come up another alarm does "310 Power For Servo Not Supplied *Reset Emergency, Then Depress Standby Switch" under contents for this alarm is indicates "Same as Alarm 280"... Contents for Alarm 280 indicate that "after resetting the emergency button if alarm is not cleared it is due to the effects of other alarms"???

    From doing a little research it appears that the problem me be that of Axis overtravel but I can not be sure... If you have had this issue before is there any advise that you can give me?

    Gamy R.
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