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    Wax or something to replicate surface roughness?

    Masterbond reworkable polymers? Used for gasketing, etc.They have tech assistance…
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    FS Medina end grinder with magnetic chuck

    Hi Jason, is this the same machine you tried to sell in the summer of 2006 w the same similar sales language? Do you have Wheels available? Thnks
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    What is the ideal setup for milling a long fluted rod?

    My immediate thought that long for solidity is table it, c. 1910 re long shaft. Machine the tongue and blocking fixtures and t’s to fit. Pre-mark your flute lines on rod, fix to table, indicate and run that ball.
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    4140 HT Turned, Ground & Polished 1.5" diameter

    Thanks for the shipment, nice pieces sourced from Chicago’s Tufts.
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    Own products

    Wedding rings - Recent stats: Croatia, 15,196 marriages in 2020. China, 7.6 million marriages 2021. Move to China. EmmanuelGoldstein will take you in and develop your mind, mechanically, too. Seriously, what’s your hobby interest because that may motivate you strongly to find solutions or...
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    Retirement Tooling Sale

    if Kennedy box still available, email and PM sent for a quite local central NJpickup.
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    WTS Mitutoyo magnetic stand

    How much is shipping to Florida? These are avail NIB $72 (and $78 from different vendors) shipped free online.
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    Tooling and more

    How much for the red button from your Digimatic, and that end mill the one pointed up? And lastly I’d like the neat red plastic tray with the dividers that holds those inserts but not the inserts.
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    Hand Tap & Micrometer

    I’ll buy the manual for the micrometer. I’ll buy the hand tap holder, for a beer keg, no?
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    End Mills, taps, drills

    I’ll take one. That one end mill the one pointed up. And add me in for that one tap, the one that’s under the medium length one, like under it, over there. Picking prices from a hat but what about $40 for the two, but if the one next to that end mill isn’t spoken for I’ll only do $6 for the one...
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    Perpetual motion machine-what to do-what to do--

    Onward and onward, into perpetuity.
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    Perpetual motion machine-what to do-what to do--

    I lost 15 seconds of my 4th July weekend to just look at that post and press play on the vid - Looks worse than a grade-school project (and friction), ought stop encouraging the guy, like feeding feral mosquitos. OP asked, ”Perpetual motion machine-what to do-what to do--“ I’d recommend this...
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    Dial Indicators, mics, a large steady rest and 189 pictures of things you could call your own.

    Ugh, I’m an addict - I’ll take pic#1 - I) Mitutoyo 513-202 .0005 Like new $75 Joe and E) Starrett 196 NIB $35 (The Hardinge H-4 arrived today packed w plyboard and crated like a bank vault, A+ shipping!)
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    Perpetual motion machine-what to do-what to do--

    If you’ve worked at a patent law firm as the newest associate (or summer law clerk) w a mech engr degree they might just quickly assign you the most needful inventive kooky sole inventor client who’s been billed to high heaven for years while constantly working through developments of his...