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    Northern Hardness Tester how to calibrate

    I saw that, but misunderstood it. Thanks for the response, Earl
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    Northern Hardness Tester how to calibrate

    Please tell me how to calibrate a Northern Hardness Tester circa 50's-60's so that the tester reading indicates test block specification. Thank you
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    Famco 3-1/2R arbor press bolster plate (daisy wheel)

    Hello, Somewhere I have (or had) a file for plasma cutting the platen for a Famco 3 1/2R press. If you would like me to send it I will look for it. Regards, Earl
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    Magnetic bend brake (e.g. MagnaBend)

    Hello rod, Please keep us posted on your progress
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    Brass Engraving Letters and Numbers, Gorton Engraver

    Hello, Some time ago we bought a Gorton 3U with no master type & have bought some sets on ebay from $25 to 65 per set. ebay is probably where i would go to sell. For prices go to sold items for what they actually sold for as opposed to the unrealistic ideas some people have as to the value of...
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    Delrin black rounds, white flats

    Hi, Paypal ok for me. Your inbox is full, Earl
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    Delrin black rounds, white flats

    Hello, If you have any white bars left I would like 4. By my tally 50 are spoken for. Thanks, Earl
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    OTish: What kind of clamp to quickly seal the mouth of a sack vs a chute?

    This bag clamp is pneumatically operated, but could be made manual with springs that over centered to stay open or closed until moved by hand.
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    Kearney Trecker, Table trip dogs

    Not sure that link worked. It was to a print for the trips on the yahoo group Kearney & Trecker in files section, compliments i believe of the ever helpful Mike(Ramsay 1)on this board.
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    Kearney Trecker, Table trip dogs

    See if this works: file:///C:/Users/EMH/Downloads/_Right%20Trip%20Dog.pdf
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    Tree milling machine

    Hi foolme, Have you found a copy of 2vg-c manual? If not pm me your email & i will send a scan of ours (which might take a while). Regards, Earl
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    Dimension Drawings For Historical Cannons

    Hello, Got some plans from this place years. They were reproductions of original: Antique Ordnance Publishers - Home | Facebook Regards, Earl
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    WTB K&T model H dividing head and 13 conventional lead change gears

    Hi Patrick, Assuming that you find a dividing head first, as they seem to be "easier" to come by, you could use that to make your own gears. I found one from: Lost Creek Machine New and Used Machine Tools or craigs list, can't remember which. The gears are 16 dp as noted x 1/2" thick. I made...
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    Parting out a K&T 2HL

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    K & T 2H horizontal Universal mill for sale

    Hi Z K, I couldn't respond to your PM as your inbox is full. Regards, Earl