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    Need Calcs for Determining Radial Compressive Forces on Cylinder

    looked up "external pressure on a vessel", heres what popped up. Pressure Vessel External Pressure Calculations | Engineers Edge | www.engineersedge.com External Pressure http://www.pveng.com/ASME/ASMEComment/ExternalPressure/External%20Pressure%20Calculations.pdf...
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    tube/pipe notching choices

    theres also this option Bienvenue
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    looking for a onestep drilling option on a lathe

    thanks for the replies. youre correct about the swapping out in a drill chuck, it works, but takes too long to do a couple of hundred. im going to try a carbide tipped flute drill. i have a tendency to shatter full carbide drills, pretty sure its operator error
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    looking for a onestep drilling option on a lathe

    ahem, with regards to the machine, lets just say its small, chinese and against the rules to mention. maybe spotting drill isnt the right name, cantering drill? the bit used to make the hole so you can turn between centers.
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    looking for a onestep drilling option on a lathe

    hello all, i have a need to drill a 1/4" hole in several hundred 3/4" ball bearings, im presently using a spotting drill then switching to a twist drill, id like to not have to switch out anything and just drill em through, anyone have any recommendations on what would be rigid enough to not...
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    welding filter shade question

    i never drop below a 10, and often for tig i think it might not be enough. actually lighting in the work area makes a big difference. if you can find it, use an american optics lens, theyre purple and havent been manufactured for a number of years, id take one of those over my autodimmer any...
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    How to cut railroad track cleanly and economically?

    if youve already got a bandsaw, id use that with bimetal blade for hard metals
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    Anyone know how this is done?

    i would guess with a handheld laser scanner, but im only guessing
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    What is best way to increase torsional strength in 4" steel tube

    if you were to slide that tube over so that you had equal overhang where its bolted with the ubolts you would at decrease the amount of torsion, and you would be getting equal amounts of flex on both arms. torsion is not just a function of the material and polar moment of inertia, but also of...
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    TIG welding 1mm stainless to 6mm stainless-is this possible?

    dc pulse has frequency settings. you can also control heat with the filler rod, if you keep the rod jammed in the joint puddle and get the torch angle right it flows together beautifully. i used to weld exhaust bellows which was usually welding .032" to 1/4", once you get the hang of it its no...
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    Checking for leaks

    you could use the aforementioned chalk method but fill the tank with water. you can also attach a gauge, fill it with air and see if it holds pressure for thirty min.
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    Gas Forge - Propane Consumption?

    +1 on the gas burners for forges book. the kiln book is pretty informative, but hands down the best info about refractories is glass notes by henry halem. once youve made your first forge you'll wonder why you ever thought about buying one. several years ago i bought a mankel forge bc i simply...
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    Diamond x chop saw blade good/ bad?

    ive never tried to put a chop saw blade on a 4-1/2" grinder, wouldnt think it would fit
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    Flanging Tubing

    Something like flagler power flanger