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  • Hello Ted

    I have an old heavy 10 and this weekend I decided to disassemble and clean the gearbox. The main drive gears on the tumblers show heavy wear on one side where they engage the cone gears. The drive gears appear to be identical. Can they be switched or turned around so that the unworn half of the gear engages the cone gear? Also, do you have or know where I can buy the necessary felt wicks and wipers for the gearbox and the apron?
    I sure am glad there are guys like you out there. Thanks for all your help

    I have owned this lathe for a while, just curious.can you offer any info on this ser # 12481 TKX 14? Thanks Ed

    Brad gave me your name in connection with a South Bend 9 lathe stand.
    Just wondering if you still have it and are still selling it.
    Only issue is i live in Canada and i know some guys from the States do not ship up here.

    Please let me know if you are interested in selling it and shipping it.

    Kind regards and a Merry Christmas!

    Mike Schetterer recommended me to you to see if you might know where I can find a replacement worm wheel on My 1930 Model (O) Heavy 9 lathe. I am close to finishing my restoration of this old relic and I have had several parts made my Mike, but he says that making this part is very tough and to try to find a replacement part if possible. Any help in this area would be a great help. Thanks

    Skip Davison
    How much do you want for those gears for my lathe? Also, do you have the sleeve that goes on the spindle? Thanks.
    Hi I emailed you but you have aol and I have hotmail so aol usually throws my addy into the junk folder. Nos metric transposing gears?
    Hello, SBLman I couldn't help to notice in one of the posts I was reading through that you seem to have some back round with a magnaturn 1812. I've been searching high and low for help or maybe even a copy of the tec./parts/diag. manuals. ANY help or info would be appreciated!!! Thanks much! Chris B. chris6937@ aol.com
    Hi Ted

    I seam to have lost your email address Ted could you send it to me at [email protected]. One of my friends needs some apron gears for his 9 Jr. and I know you had some. Thanks Ted

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