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  • Hi Simon, hows it going?,........... are you over busy?.... the reason I ask is my ''agent'' is looking for shall we say reasonabley priced CNC turning work in Nylon 66 parts ex 50mm & 40mm dia, simple enough parts, on a lead time of 6-7 weeks.

    I say reasonable, he's not tight but niether is he stupid, he's had some prices back for 2 X 2800 runs and where I come from we call it taking the P***.

    If you're intrested I can forward your name, but if you'd let me know either way.

    If you Google ''Tefloturn'' - that's him, all I can say is he'd played it dead straight with over the last 7 months,.......... what pisses him off is shops that say yes knowing the can't deliver or ''ignoring'' his emails until they feel like getting round to it,. if you know what I mean.
    If you don't know ;- Don't worry about the ISO 900 squit, he handles all that side of it, al I have to do is keep track of the batches of material.

    All the best.

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