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  • Hello, do you have access to the software upgrades ? I would like the DXF also . Can you call me to discus ?


    Steve Dameron
    I already spoke with him. I am sure he knows. I told him we are hoping to purchase another this year and I would like to see a hurco in action.
    No I have not, I got a little side tracked. I am back on them now and will have the website finished and up in about 3 weeks.
    hi scott. Question. Can the ultimaxssm controller on a 1998 bmc 3017 be replaced with the winmax controller? also, i am looking for a new e/r module (siemens) i need a 16/21KW but cant find one reasonable priced. is it possible to change out to a 55/71? (or a smaller one, i just happen to have a 55/71 handy)

    Thanks Guy...if you like, feel free to call. 252 414 9520 Thanks
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