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  • Lots of holes. Spring pockets, drilled out with end mills flattining the bottoms out! Good Drills are important!
    You're very welcome sir,

    I have just returned to running a couple of BP in our little finish mill / second op area after 2 1/2 years as the shipping and receiving guy. That was some real, thankless, BS.

    I really missed the work and comming to PM and all that I have learned here from the fellas.

    Does this work universally, or just very rigid machines?

    I know you can only spin as fast as the machine, tooling, workholding and part will allow and that will give you a starting point on speed.

    I have a bp clone with control to work with, nice machine... Ha Ha Ha, but get to 'help' on a new small Mazak VMC.

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