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  • That was Millville in Jersey? Nice vid.

    That track looks like it flows a lot nicer than Loudon. I really think I want to try and get to Millville once this year. It's about twice the drive and Loudon but it looks fun.

    I did my first track day with Motomarket and plan on doing at least one with Tony's. Although at Loudon all the different hosts were there helping out. It was pretty cool.
    Haven't been to that forum yet but I'll check it out.

    I went out to MotoGP at Indy last year with a local group called the Blue Ridge Runners, they are sprt touring demons. I do track days with Earle, who usually leads the BRR trips at a blistering pace on his K1300S uber-tourer. This guy will spank 90% of the sportbike riders out there on his teutonic missile. I was riding a borrowed '95 R1100RS which is severely underpowered and undersuspended compared to any bike I'd ridden in recent history. Once I acquired some trust in the borrowed Beemer, I was on Earle's heels for the rest of the trip, and 3 of us would gap the group by a few minutes in the switchbacks of the mountain passes between rural towns in West Virginia, Ohio, etc. The group would catch up once we hit town. Made me a believer.

    Here you'll find some track day footage.

    I'm a bit of a bike addict too.
    My main ride is 2008 Yamaha FJR1300
    I have a 2005 Boulevard M50 (for Sale)
    Honda CR250
    Of course a XR50:D

    I am actively looking for a track day bike. I did my first track day this year with the FJR and it was a blast. I am trying to pick out 2 or 3 dates for this coming year. But I really don't like risking the the FJR on the track. Not to mention that much power and weight get in the way at Loudon. I would really like a GSXR 750.

    Adam the 40 Year old Kid
    I have a BMW R1200ST sport tourer I just rebuilt from salvage.
    A GSXR750 trackbike.
    A GSXR1000 ex-ArcLight Suzuki racebike I turned into a streetfighter.
    A KTM 300EXC woods bike.
    And last but not least a Suzuki DRZ125L almost full size dirt bike. I "race" with a group of 40-60 year old "kids" in a series we hold on our properies. Just unbelievable fun, keep the throttle pinned the whole time and you still can barely get hurt (but we still manage).

    Obviously, I love bikes.

    Got my name from the parts guy (known as "Psycho") at the former Devon Honda who said, when I walked in, "there's one of them scudzuki riders now"

    The name just stuck.

    What type of motorcycle do you have? I'm guessing a Skuzuki?:)
    I ride a Yamahopper and a Skuzuki.;)
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